If you own one of our swimsuits, you will likely have received them in one of our beautiful Luxe Gift Boxes... They're too pretty to throw away so we have come up with some ideas on how you can recycle and reuse them! By not throwing them away you are helping to reduce waste, plus our boxes are made from recycled materials to do our part in helping toward sustainability!

1. Store your favourite Jewels

Store your favourite jewels safely in our luxe gift boxes. Some of our favourite pieces lately are the amazing shell earrings from Sophia C jewellery and delicate necklaces from Amy-O Jewellery.

ete swimwear luxe git boxes vintage jewellery

ete swimwear luxe gift boxes vintage jewellery

2. Keep your favourite memories safe

We all love the memories a Polariod can remind us of... keep them safe in our luxe gift boxes so you can relive the moments.

ete swimwear luxe gift boxes polaroid storage

4. Store your Swimwear

Of course you can keep all your Ete Swimwear pieces together in our luxe gift boxes so they are easy to grab and head down to the beach!

ete swimwear bikini luxe gift boxes

Pictured: Mia bikini top & Harper bikini bottoms

ete swiwmear luxe gift boxes

Have fun coming up with your own uses for your boxes, we would love to see them so be sure to tag us on social media! 


April 12, 2018 — Jessica Williamson
Tags: lifestyle