We caught up with Matilda (@matildadjerf) on her latest trip to Nice, France! Here are some of her top tips.

Tell us a little about yourself

I’m a twenty year old swedish girl who lives and breathes the bikini lifestyle. I absolutely love to travel and experience new things, but I also love being home just relaxing. It’s all about balance, am I right? When wearing my collection I hope you feel it embodies this.

Matilda Djerf Ete Swimwear Nice, France Matilda Djerf Ete Swimwear

Why you chose to travel to Nice & have you been before?

I day dreamed about the french rivera and the blue and white colors. I’ve never been and since I love traveling to new places it just seemed like the obvious choice for me.

Describe Nice in 3 words

Chic, classy and colorful.

What was the first thing you wanted to do when you arrived?

Eat, haha i’m such a food person and since we didn’t have breakfast before the flight it was a must ;) Other than that I wanted to jump down to the beach and see the legendary beaches of Nice with my own eyes. It was exactly like I had in mind.

Nice travel guide Matilda Djerf nice fruit markets 

Best places to eat? 

x All of the fruit markets, so many markets going on in Nice with the yummiest fruit. You wont want to miss them! Google to find one near where you are staying.

x For sushi lovers planet sushi is the best place. Take away and sit at the beach!

x Any café in old nice, so cute.

x Beach restaurants. A bit pricey maybe but totally worth it for the view

Best spot for a sunset cocktail?

La réserve de Nice looked absolutely amazing, we never had time to go there but walked by and fell in love! Best view of the ocean in town.

Matilda Djerf Nice guide Matilda Djerf Ete Swimwear

Best place/area to stay?

I’m not the best at where to stay in Nice. Its of course always amazing to live near the beach, it does tend to get a bit pricey. We stayed in an area called Vernier, I think haha. It was a 15-20 minute nice walk away from the beach and with the tram 30 seconds away from us it was easy to get around. The tram left from the main shopping street which was very fun as well. Lots of place to eat etc.  

How many days did you spend in Nice?

I spent 7 days in Nice, for just experiencing the town of Nice it was enough. But for experiencing the villages nearby one week didn’t cut it. But it’s just another reason to come back!

Nice france travl guide Matilda Djerf Nice France travel guide 

Top activities to do in Nice?

The costal walk is amazing, the water is beautiful and the cliffs surrounding it is typical European. Another must when traveling to Nice is to walk to Colline du Chateau where you at the top get an amazing view of Nice. Old Town (Vieille Ville) is so cozy to walk around in. And the beaches, lets not forget about them. The main beach that is next to Promenade des Anglais is the typical beach for me when I thought about Nice. Small beach clubs/restaurants and the blue and white sun umbrellas. But don’t forget to walk north past the port where you will find small beaches tucked away between beige cliffs. Example, La Plage de Coco.

Matilda Djerf Nice travel guide Nice france travel guide

French Riviera style: what did you pack to be so stylish on your trip? 

All of my Matilda x Ete bikinis. It’s important to be stylish but comfortable on the beach, and these bikinis are so comfortable. It doesn't even feel like i’m wearing them! I also packed skirts to pair with my Amanda one piece and other dresses that made me feel pretty. AND comfortable shoes, we always walk everywhere.

If you could choose just one swimsuit from the Matilda Djerf X Ete Swimwear collection that embodies Nice, which one would it be?

Definitely the Amanda One Piece . It’s so chic and classy, exactly like Nice. It’s also perfect for the after tan sessions at the restaurants on the beach. Just throw on a skirt or jean shorts and you're ready to go!

Matilda Djerf Ete Swimwear

5 Tips for others travelling to Nice, France

x Take photos of everything! It’s so amazing to look back at them when you get home.

x Sunscreen! Dang it is that sun strong and you need to protect your skin.

x Bring a book, nothing beats reading a book on the beach and then taking a dip in the turquoise waters.

x Walk everywhere! The streets of Nice are gorgeous and the costal walk as well. Breathtaking! There are also so many cute small beaches to discover.

x Oh, the fruit market one minute away from where we lived. It was absolutely lovely. Fresh fruit, flowers etc. Open every morning except monday. called ”MARCHÉ AUX FRUITS ET LÉGUMES DE LA LIBÉRATION”

Matilda Djerf Ete Swimwear Nice guide Nice france travel guide

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Photos by @matildadjerf & @fredyphotos

May 21, 2017 — Jessica Williamson