Bernice Averion (@bunnybernice) is a 23 year old Growth Marketer and Content Creator from Sydney with over 200k followers on Instagram. We asked her how she maintains a work/life balance and the importance of self confidence in her life. 

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi I’m Bernice Averion, and I’m 23 years old, married to my partner of 9 years, and building our first home! For work I’m a part time social media content creator, and a full time Growth Marketer for which is a popular Australian furniture, and bedding company known for comfy products, cheeky ads, and proactive environmental campaigns. Pretty much I manage the affiliate program, referral program, influencer program, events, organic content strategy, promotional goods, and among other things is responsible for testing new channels, and managing them to maturity.

What is your dream travel destination?

I’m grateful to have been able to travel to 5/7 of the continents already. My dream destination was New York which I travelled to last year, and will visit again in 2020 just because I love that it’s always on so there’s always something interesting to do. Other than that I’d love to visit the Maldives!


What do you never leave home without when travelling?

Mozzie bite cream, and clear glasses! Firstly I hate mozzie bites so I like to quickly apply hydrocortisone cream so they don’t get itchy, or swell up. And because I have eyelash extensions I can’t rub my eyes so I use clear glasses when it’s windy so nothing goes into my eyes. My coworkers think my wind glasses (what I refer to them as ) are super weird of me but hey, it works!


What role does self love play in your life?

2019 was definitely the year I focused more on myself as I think self love is vital for self growth, and enabling yourself to have loving relationships with those around you. To me, self love isnt just bubble baths, but a whole way of life that encompasses what you digest, how you think, who you surround yourself with, how you treat yourself, and how you let others treat you. This year I ate healthier food, stopped checking up on toxic connections, spent more time with those who shared my values, invested more time in educating myself, started boxing+kickboxing which I really enjoy, go on daily runs to clear my head, and start+end each day by sharing with my husband something we learnt, something we can learn from, and something we’re grateful for from that day.


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How do you practice self care in your day to day?

I wake up at 5/5:30am to go for a run with my dog to clear my head, get ready for work then wake up my partner and talk to him about our plans that day while he gets ready.

Sleep is a big factor is your wellbeing so I practise polyphasic sleep which means I sleep multiple times a day. So I sleep for 1.5 hours going to work, the ride back, and then 12-5am to make up my required 8 hours of sleep.

Koala has a fully stocked, working kitchen which only stocks organic, Australian grown food so I make my lunch, and afternoon snack there.

Then when I get home I do boxing classes twice a week, kickboxing class twice a week, 20-40km runs each week, and then strength training with my husband twice a week. I used to hate going to the gym because what I was doing didn’t interest me so I’m grateful to be in a new environment, and to have found an exercise routine that I not only enjoy, but excites me.

What does body positivity mean to you?

Body positivity to me is accepting the uniqueness of who we are, and only seeking to change the things about us to be overall healthier, and not based on the perceived requirement of someone else’s validation. To put it more simply, I choose to love me, and will do things to better myself, for myself.


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Bernice in our Hali One-Piece Swimsuit in White Embroidery

Have you always been body confident? If not, what insecurities did you overcome in order to feel confident?

I struggled a lot with body positivity growing up being a South-East Asian in a primarily caucasian school, and was picked on for being different.
I usually felt too dark skinned around my Asian friends, too Asian around my caucasian friends, too fat around my gym friends, too muscly around my social friends, and overall too weird. But the more I became reflective on what I liked about myself, and worked on myself just for myself, the more I loved, and accepted who I was as I was.
It’s like what Amy Poehler said,

“It takes years as a woman to unlearn what you have been taught to be sorry for.” 

I had to learn that I wasn’t “too” anything. I just was that, and it was ok, and anyone who thought criticising someone not to better them but to reduce them as a person was just reflecting their own insecurities. Because happy people don’t try to make other people unhappy.
So I had to learn to switch what I was doing that was reducing me as a person to a way that grew me as a person. For example, I didn’t hate exercise. I didn’t like that form of exercise so I found something I enjoyed.


How does feeling confident in yourself impact your social/work life and how you interact with others?

Self confidence has allowed me to better take constructive criticism, and stand up for what I believe in. Koala actually invests money into our teams to help us grow as people, and to be a better team. 

For example when I asked for things I used to say “sorry, could you do this for me”. It’s now, “I need this completed by X time, because of Y reason, and it is important because of Z. If you have any questions, I’m happy to help you”. It teaches us to see the importance of everything we do no matter the perceived size of the task, and enables people to succeed by giving them a complete understanding of why they should also be an advocate for that task.

Who are some women in your life that inspire you to feel confident in your skin?

I think all women in my life are inspiring, and help me to feel confident with who I am. So the more I get older, the more I’m selective of my circle. I love being around such empowering, inspirational people who make me want to be better for myself, who congratulate achievements without whispering behind your back, compliment without a hidden agenda, give feedback to help not hurt, and lift you up because they want you to succeed to.


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Are there any social media accounts that promote self love and body confidence that you would recommend following?

Yes! I love:

Inspiration; @leannemelody_ who is a childhood friend that posts beautiful content, and inspirational captions, and stories. I love taking her with me to events because she loves to learn, and is so enthusiastic for life.

Mindset; @mindset.therapy @mantramagazine, are great when you need a daily mental pump up.

Female Empowerment; @thefemalehustlers, @sheconquers@theleaguewomen, @femalecollective, and @girlsbuildingempires are great for women oriented motivation.

Self Care; @myselflovesupply, @_mindfullyfresh do amazing posts around daily selfceare, and mental health.

Lifestyle; @iamwellandgood does a lot of lifestyle self care, and nutritional help.


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