Matilda Djerf is our muse and inspiration and we are lucky enough to have collaborated on our next collection with this Swedish beauty. Matilda tells us her tips on following your dreams and making them a reality!

About a year ago I came home from my 3 month trip in the Caribbean, I had a dream that I was scared to go for. You know the normal stuff "Can I do this?", "Will I succeed", "What if everything goes against me". But then I remembered who I was, and i'm one of those people who just goes for everything, if I believe in it. I'm a 100% or 0% type of person. And now i'm pinching myself in my arm because i'm launching a bikini collection with Ete Swimwear this week!?!? 

Matilda Djerf X Ete Swimwear inspiration Matilda Djerf X Ete Swimwear collection

My tips on following your dreams

Believe in yourself. If you don't believe in yourself you won't succeed, this is my belief. If you believe in yourself, you can move mountains.

Go for it 100%. You will never get anything done if you do stuff half way, you need to do it all the way. And combine that with believing in yourself and you're good to go. 

Don't let small minded people get in your way. Whatever it is that you want to do there will always be people who are afraid of it. You can't let them get in your way. Push through and block them from your mind. 

Think outside the box. Don't think small, think big!! 

Focus on positive thinking! This is my main thing in life, if you start thinking negative it will become a cycle. Positivity attracts positivity. 

Celebrate EVERY success! Everything takes time so don't you forget to celebrate it along the way. The small and the big achievements. 

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May 01, 2017 — Jessica Williamson