Makeup - how do celebrities make it look so easy? Well, they have people to help with that so we have teamed up with make up artist Sophie Knox to help us get our glow on! Together, we have created our top 5 tips for maintaining a natural summer glow all year long. 

1. Hydrate

We don't just mean by drinking water (Although you should definitely do that too!), Sophie suggests to work essential oils into the skin to ensure its hydrated to achieve that natural glow. For this she uses MAC Prep & Prime Essential Oils. Oils create a natural barrier that locks in moisture keeping your face smooth and improves comfort of wearing make up. 

2. Prime the Skin

A primer should be applied before foundation to minimise imperfections whilst allowing foundation to glide on easily and stay fresh for hours. Sophie uses Laura Mercier Foundation Primer - Radiance. A light weight, vitamin-rich cream that is suitable for all skin types to give you a luminous appearance! 

3. Conceal

A little secret is to apply your foundation first, then your concealer! Who knew? This is so you won’t have to use as much. Put in areas where you feel its needed such as blemishes or under your eyes. 

4. Add a Bronze Touch 

To ensure that sun-kissed look, apply your bronzer gently and then build it up in light layers. According to our expert Sophie you should use a powder brush to work bronzer over your skin. Using a sweeping motion dust under your cheek bone and jawline. 

5. Highlight 

Highlighters are used to add an extra shimmer to areas that would reflect the natural light. Take an angled brush to apply powder to the inner eye lid, tops of your cheek bones and the bridge of your nose. 

With these simple tips, you will ready to flaunt your glowing natural look any time of year. 

 Emily Nash summer glow makeup look tipsEmily Nash summer glow makeup look tips

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Model : Emily Nash  

June 16, 2016 — Jessica Williamson