Natural tanning oil is not only a great way to get that dark summer glow but also for beauty as well! Our friends at Boracay Skin have shown us the light with their amazing natural sun and body oil made with coconut oil. So we have decided to share the illuminating health benefits that coconut oil has for you and your beautiful skin.


When coconut oil is applied to the skin, it creates a protective barrier which locks in moisture keeping it smooth.


The all natural oil can all be incorporated into your daily beauty routine as it is an effective moisturiser on all skin types. Coconut oil includes Vitamin E which makes it a safe solution for preventing dryness and the flaking of skin.

Repairing and Protecting

All the time spent in the harsh sunlight can have harmful impact on your delicate skin. But by using tanning solutions with coconut oil, it holds antioxidant and Vitamin E properties that can prevent skin problems such as premature ageing, acne and eczema. Keeping your beautiful skin flawless for longer!

Stress Relieving

Not only is coconut oil great for you physically but also mentally! According to research when coconut oil is gently massaged into your body, it helps eliminate mental fatigue and its antioxidants gives relief from stress.

Deep Tan

Lastly, coconut oil is great for achieving a natural and glowing tan! Oils reflect light which increases tanning speed and gives the illusion of a darker tan.
So thanks to the miracle of coconut oil, we can hit the beach and get that flawless summer tan, whilst it does wonders for our skin! I call that a win, win! 
Model (main image): Ashleigh Davis
Model (above): Matilda Djerf
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July 13, 2016 — Jessica Williamson