Ete Swimwear in partnership with Somewear Elsewhere went to the gorgeous Fiji Islands along with influencers Jamie @jamienkidd; Lisa @lisahomsy; Cara @carajourdan; Adri and Luke @maya_gypsy London @london_ellis. In this tropical getaway, we went to many different Fiji resorts, restaurants, and explored the islands  


Places to stay in Fiji

Girls wearing the Lani Cheeky Bottoms and malia top in Blush embroidery, Sorrento High-Waist Bottoms and Amalfi Top in Vintage Stripes

We stayed at the stunning Fiji Marriot resort Momi Bay where we continued to relax and explore for the next two days. The Marriot was gorgeous with 3 pools including an infinity pool looking over the ocean, and bungalows which floated above water. The rooms were extremely spacious, and it was great having all your friends and the ocean close by.

Fiji Marriot resort Momi Bay


We also stayed at the Sheraton resort on Tokoriki Island. Here we experienced the beautiful culture of the Fijian people and were stunned by the beautiful sunsets that graced Sheraton shores. Sheraton was also blessed by having a beautiful reef right by the resort where we often went snorkelling.  

Sheraton Tokoriki 

Adri wearing the Sorrento High-Waist Bottoms and  Amalfi Top in Vintage Stripes

For our last two days, we stayed at Westin Fiji on the mainland on Denauru Island, which meant we had access to shops, golf courses and the airport but were still able to get away in the tropical paradise of Fiji.

Westin Fiji


 Where to eat in Fiji 

All the hotels we stayed at had a variety of restaurants to choose from, but these were our favourites.

At the Marriot we had a special wine dinner at the lagoon as we watched the sunset, then for mains and dessert, we went to the Fish Bar. There they had some of the finest plates of seafood and so much variety, all the girls were overwhelmed with the place and we had to go back for a second time.

Adri in the  Sorrento High-Waist Bottoms and Amalfi Top in Ocean blue

On Tokoriki Island we ate at the Beef Risto. The lovely restaurant offered a stunning view of the beach and islands surrounding it, while we dined on our delicious cuisine.

Cara in the  Mila linen dress 

Wet Edge restaurant located on the mainland was centred on a beautiful deck overlooking the ocean, with some of the best food you’ll ever taste. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal and laughed for the whole night.


What to do in Fiji

Adri featured in the Amalfi Top and Sorrento High-Waist Bottoms in Lemon Drop Yellow

Fiji is a place with many activities that you can’t do anywhere. The first and one of the most amazing things is snorkelling. In Fiji, we were able to experience some of the most vibrant corals and fish too! We were encapsulated into a new magnificent underwater world filled with colour and beauty. Some great places to go snorkelling is at the Sheraton where there is a reef right next to the resort.

Jamie and Lisa both in the  Amalfi Top and Capri Cheeky Bottoms in Lemon Drop Yellow

Boat tours are another great thing to do. On the trip, we went Coral Cats Sailing on a catamaran to secluded reefs where went snorkelling as well. 

Another thing to do in Fiji is to experience the culture. Rich in cultural traditions practices, you’d be a fool to not want to experience their way of life. There are many places you can go to see traditional Fijian dancing. Experience the Lovo way of cooking, a very old style of cooking for the masses where they dig a 2ft deep hole and cook their meal in it. This traditional method is fascinating to watch and also delicious to eat. At the resorts Sheraton & Westin they have an evening show and meal to experience the Fijian culture and in Tokoriki a short boat ride would take you to the local village where you can have a tour.


What to pack for Fiji

Fiji is a tropical climate, so our must haves are;

  • Water – can’t go anywhere without a bottle of Fiji Water
  • Big Hats
  • Bangn Body – to keep your skin hydrated after a day in the sun
  • And most importantly your Ete Swimwear!

All the girls are wearing the Jamie x Ete collection, London in the far right is wearing the Praiano top and  Capri Cheeky Bottoms in Lemon Drop Yellow


For swimwear, a must is the new Jamie x Ete Swimwear collection. The influencers including Jamie who joined us on the trip looked absolutely beautiful in all the collections pieces. They’re many variations in colour and style including high-rise bottoms, one-pieces and cute accessories to make your bathers all that much better.


All Ete Swimwear pieces shot in Fiji

For your next trip to Fiji make sure to refer back to our guide to see all the places to go, eat and things to do, and what to bring before you head of on your Fiji adventure.


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April 26, 2019 — Lara Smith
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