Q&A with Adri @maya_gypsy

Q&A with Adri @maya_gypsy

We recently caught up with travel influencer @maya_gypsy to talk about the amazing life she and her partner @lukemcameron lead! Telling her favourite places to travel and how she gets the perfect shot for Instagram, get to know @maya_gypsy.

Tell us a bit about yourself and why you decided to become a travel influencer?

Hey! I'm Adri (aka @maya_gypsy), I’m originally from Guatemala but now I'm also happily Australian. I didn't decide to specifically become an influencer, but things evolved from our passion to create digital content and the willingness to take risks.

Ete Swimwear maya_gypsy travel

Adri wearing Ete Swimwear Praiano Bikini Top and Sorrento High-Waist Bottoms in Ocean Blue. 

Where has been your favourite place to travel?

Definitely Cuba, it was a great experience for the senses.

What do you enjoy most about travelling with your partner?

That he helps me with my oversized luggage! Seriously though I love chatting with him about what we see and being able to experience things together.

Best moment in another country?

One of my favourite travel experiences happened while on a trip with Somewear Elsewhere, snorkelling in Fiji was truly something else! It had the most amazing coral I’ve ever seen.

Ete Swimwear @maya_gypsy Q&A

Adri wearing Ete Swimwear Amalfi Bikini Top and Capri Cheeky Bottoms in Vintage Stripes. 

Do you prefer visiting cities or local places when travelling?

I prefer to visit local areas when I’m travelling.

What are 5 things you always take when you go travelling?

1.  A bottle of water
2. My favourite Ete Swimwear
3. My camera
4. Coffee Press (we take our own coffee press anywhere we go)
5. An open heart!

    Ete Swimwear @maya_gypsy travel

    How do you take your photos?

    We use a Sony A7r!

    How do you edit your photos?

    I edit using my presets that I've recently made available for people to purchase.

    Ete Swimwear Travel @maya_gypsy

    What country has surprised you the most?

    Cuba really surprised me, that’s why it is my favourite travel destination so far.

    Where do you want to go to next?

    I would love to travel to French Polynesia.

    If you could only live in one place for the rest of your life, where would it be?

    I would live in a beach shack on a tropical island, although I’m not too sure about the specific location.

    Ete Swimwear @maya_gypsy beach travel

    Adri wearing Ete Swimwear Amalfi Bikini Top and Sorrento High-Waist Bottoms in Vintage Stripes. 


    See more of Adri on her instagram @maya_gypsy.

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    October 27, 2019 — Taysha Sullivan
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    Whitsundays Travel Guide

    Whitsundays Travel Guide

     ETE Swimwear was lucky enough to be in partnership with @somewear_elsewear’s on their recent Whitsundays trip, with influencers Fredrika @fakander; Lisa @lisahomsy; Mel @Melvandersluis; Kirsty @Kirstycane and Kendall @kendallbaggerly. On this trip we got to experience many of the beautiful beaches and resorts of the Whitsundays Islands, and engage in fun activities that Australia provides!


     Places to stay in Whitsundays

    We stayed at Daydream Island, which was exactly as the name suggests. A surreal getaway with amazing deep blue seas hidden beaches and a great resort. Here we were treated to stretch classes in an underwater observatory which is an experience we will never forget! Daydream Island is located a 20 minute boat ride away from the mainland and is the only resort on the Island. We were extremely fortunate to be able to visit Daydream Island as it was hit by a cyclone a couple years ago which caused the resort to shut but was re-opened earlier this year.

    Kendall wearing the Oia off-shoulder bikini top with Sophia bikini bottoms in white 

    Next, we stayed at the Mirage Whitsundays, located on the mainland Airlie Beach where majority of tours depart from. Here, the rooms were huge! With each of us being treated to the Penthouse; a 4-bedroom luxury villa with views that spanned across the ocean. There is no better way to wake up in the morning when you have such a view. 

     Fredirika showing the Oia off-shoulder bikini top in white

    Last but not least, we stayed at Peppers Hotel, also located at Airlie Beach. Peppers had the most luxurious bathrooms ever seen, with large tubs and jets, warmed to the perfect temperature - the best way to relax after a long day!


    Lisa wearing the Santorini off-shoulder swimsuit in white  

    Restaurants to go to

    Northerlies, graced by beautiful grounds and even more beautiful beaches. Here we saw a stunning sunset followed by a classic Australian BBQ dinner. Which was a great reminder of home for some of the Australian influencers on the trip and a great experience for the international influencers! 

    Boathouse Fishbar had the best service and food while on our Whitsundays trip. We recommend it to anyone staying at Airlie beach who wants a great night out to eat!


    Inkstone restaurant, a part of Daydream Islands' own restaurants, where we were able to enjoy modern Australian dishes.

     Also apart of Daydream Island's restaurants was Infinity, a fine dinning restaurant, with amazing meals which looked extremely appetising. 



    While at Daydream Island we were able to go on a jet ski tour around the island. We saw the beauty of the island from the water, and had so much fun while doing so!


    We also went on the Ocean Rafting tour where we visited two snorkelling spots, and we got to swim at the beautiful Great Barrier Reef. After we went to Whitehaven beach, we spent two hours exploring. We then had a delicious lunch aboard the boat.

    Kendall showcasing the Olympia one-peice swimsuit in lilac 

    Next, we drove up to the beautiful beach town of Bowen. This iconic little town is home to the big Mango, one of Australia’s most iconic and peculiar tourist sights. After we saw the eccentric spectacle, we had an amazing picnic lunch at Horseshoe bay provided by Merkai Whitsundays and Birds Fish Bar.

    What to pack

    When going to a beachy paradise; must haves are

    • Boracay skin
    • Bianko Jewlery
    • and of course your Ete swimwear!

    Our cute bathers were perfect for the summer weather, and our new Santorini collection was a flawless match with the blue and white hues of Whitsundays beaches! 

     Lisa wearing the Elena Cheeky bottoms and Mia bikini top in navy stripes 

    Fredrika wearing the Santorini off-shoulder swimsuit in white 

    Fredirika featuring the Olympia one piece swimsuit in black

    All Ete Swimwear pieces shot in Whitsundays  

    So if you are ever planning to travel to the beautiful coast of Queensland and visit the Whitsunday Islands, make sure to refer back to this blog to know where to go, what to do and where to eat!  

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    June 30, 2019 — Lara Smith
    Must go to Festivals

    Must go to Festivals

    If you’re a festival goer or a culture seeker, we have a perfect list of festivals that will be sure to appeal to you. These festivals all have something that makes them a little different and extra from your normal kind.  With different kinds of music, atmosphere, culture, or something completely new- the festivals are something you must see.   



    When: 1st – 5th July 2019
    where: Croatia, Pag Island

    An electronic music festival with artists such as DJ Hype and Alan Fitzpatrick, this event is more than just about its line up. Its amazing party scene has earned it comparison to Ibiza. Over the five day course of the festival, you will be able to experience its awesome pre-parties by the pool side and a massive beach party. And there’s no need to worry about having nothing to do, with its array of water sports such as jet skis and Banana Boats you’re sure to have a blast!

     photo by Hideoutfestival 



    When: 9th – 10th March 2020
    Where: India

    One of the most renowned festivals in India it is celebrated in near all parts of the vast country. The festival is referred to as the festival of love as its purpose is for the people to depart from feelings of resentment and hate and absorb themselves in the feeling of love. It's celebrated for through the day and the night. In the festival bright vibrant powdered colours are thrown l is meant to bring positivity to the festival and those celebrating.

     photo by alp_alper_



    When: 4th – 7th July 2019
    Where: Novi sad Serbia

    This festival has much historical background to its beginning. During the Serbian war, people listened and danced to technic music, as an act of rebellion. Starting in 2000 as a massive celebration of freedom from government control, the festival later became a way from Serbians to experience the music of the world, with Artists from other countries able to play their music for the first time in Serbia. The atmosphere of the festival is unfathomable, with people who have no other desire than to party and be free, you a sure to get caught up in the hype of the Serbian people.

    photo by exit festival


    Primavera Sound

    Where: Barcelona
    When: 27th May –  2nd June 2019

    One of the most anticipated festivals, Primavera sound has many artists such as Miley Cyrus and Young Beef. The music and performance are so good, that in past years festival goers did not leave the week long festival until it was over. 

    photo by ajdasitar


    Isle of Wight

    When: 1th – 16th June 2019
    Where: UK

    The Isle of Wight is the UK’s longest running music festival. If Techno is not really for you this festival still has all the hype of a techno fest yet the music is a mixture of pop rock, with cage the elephants, and calm indie with artists such as George Ezra and Bastille. The festival is unique from others for its ability to cater for all ages. With family zones, teen zones and a VIP pass for other festival goers who want to be solely immersed in the sound.

    photo by Isle of wight   


    Wisteria Festival

    Where: Japan 
    When:  April 18th –  May 20th, 2019

    Named after the gorgeous trees the flowers bloom from, the Wisteria festival is a month-long event that is a marvel to witness. Like a wonderland, the festival earnt the title of one of the top 10 international dream destinations in 2014 by CNN. The festival consits of walking around the hills that hold various flowers in bloom and underneath the gorgeous violet wisteria trees. The picturesque festival is a must see if you’re ever in Japan during the Spring time.

     photo by Kyoko1903


    Yanshui Fireworks Festival

    Where: Yanshui Taiwan
    When: not determined

    The Yanshui firework festival holds the title of one of the top three folklore festivals in the world. This strange event is not just about watching fireworks explode from afar but rather running towards them. This festival has been running for thousands of years and people of Taiwan participate in the festival as they believe if you run through the fireworks your bad luck will be abolished a good year will lie ahead of you.

    photo by Godphotojin


    Byron Bay BluesFest

     When: Thursday 9th April – Monday 13th 2020
    Where:  Byron Bay

    This Australian Festival just had its 30th year and is going strong. With classic artists for the line up such as Bob Dylan, Hozier and Paul Simon. The Australian festival is gaining steam for its cool blues music that has a classic and nostalgic feel. Much calmer than a techno festival, Blue fest is a great weekend getaway that will have you feeling relaxed while still having the time of your life.

     photo by girlnaflower


    Sziget Festival 

    When: 7th -13th August 2019
    Where: Budapest Hungary

    Crazy Colours, Crazy acts, and crazy people. Sziget is definitely a festival for party goers who wants to get loose. Every day there is a party at a stage that is wild and wacky. In past years there has been a colours party much similar to Holi with the throwing of powdered chalk. Or a beach ball party with hundreds of beach balls flying around. This festival is massive and gets hectic, for some it’s a little overwhelming, for others a wild ride they can’t miss out on.

    photo by Szigetofficial


    Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta 

    When: 5th October – 14th 2019
    Where: Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Not what you may expect on this list, but the Albuquerque International Balloon fiesta is a festival of many wonders. With over 500 hot air balloons taking flight in the sky at once, against the backdrop of the Rio Grande valley sunset- it’s a photo you don’t want to miss. The 9-day festival has been said to be the most photographed event on earth. But don’t worry about being bored while watching balloons all day, as the spectacular event as has artists all day to fill time while watching balloons, and numerous other smaller events to keep you occupied.

     photo by Blankhub

     So, if you're ever interested in a new festival, just take at look this list and pick your adventure!

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    May 18, 2019 — Lara Smith
    Fiji Travel Guide

    Fiji Travel Guide

    Ete Swimwear in partnership with Somewear Elsewhere went to the gorgeous Fiji Islands along with influencers Jamie @jamienkidd; Lisa @lisahomsy; Cara @carajourdan; Adri and Luke @maya_gypsy London @london_ellis. In this tropical getaway, we went to many different Fiji resorts, restaurants, and explored the islands  


    Places to stay in Fiji

    Girls wearing the Lani Cheeky Bottoms and malia top in Blush embroidery, Sorrento High-Waist Bottoms and Amalfi Top in Vintage Stripes

    We stayed at the stunning Fiji Marriot resort Momi Bay where we continued to relax and explore for the next two days. The Marriot was gorgeous with 3 pools including an infinity pool looking over the ocean, and bungalows which floated above water. The rooms were extremely spacious, and it was great having all your friends and the ocean close by.

    Fiji Marriot resort Momi Bay


    We also stayed at the Sheraton resort on Tokoriki Island. Here we experienced the beautiful culture of the Fijian people and were stunned by the beautiful sunsets that graced Sheraton shores. Sheraton was also blessed by having a beautiful reef right by the resort where we often went snorkelling.  

    Sheraton Tokoriki 

    Adri wearing the Sorrento High-Waist Bottoms and  Amalfi Top in Vintage Stripes

    For our last two days, we stayed at Westin Fiji on the mainland on Denauru Island, which meant we had access to shops, golf courses and the airport but were still able to get away in the tropical paradise of Fiji.

    Westin Fiji


     Where to eat in Fiji 

    All the hotels we stayed at had a variety of restaurants to choose from, but these were our favourites.

    At the Marriot we had a special wine dinner at the lagoon as we watched the sunset, then for mains and dessert, we went to the Fish Bar. There they had some of the finest plates of seafood and so much variety, all the girls were overwhelmed with the place and we had to go back for a second time.

    Adri in the  Sorrento High-Waist Bottoms and Amalfi Top in Ocean blue

    On Tokoriki Island we ate at the Beef Risto. The lovely restaurant offered a stunning view of the beach and islands surrounding it, while we dined on our delicious cuisine.

    Cara in the  Mila linen dress 

    Wet Edge restaurant located on the mainland was centred on a beautiful deck overlooking the ocean, with some of the best food you’ll ever taste. We thoroughly enjoyed our meal and laughed for the whole night.


    What to do in Fiji

    Adri featured in the Amalfi Top and Sorrento High-Waist Bottoms in Lemon Drop Yellow

    Fiji is a place with many activities that you can’t do anywhere. The first and one of the most amazing things is snorkelling. In Fiji, we were able to experience some of the most vibrant corals and fish too! We were encapsulated into a new magnificent underwater world filled with colour and beauty. Some great places to go snorkelling is at the Sheraton where there is a reef right next to the resort.

    Jamie and Lisa both in the  Amalfi Top and Capri Cheeky Bottoms in Lemon Drop Yellow

    Boat tours are another great thing to do. On the trip, we went Coral Cats Sailing on a catamaran to secluded reefs where went snorkelling as well. 

    Another thing to do in Fiji is to experience the culture. Rich in cultural traditions practices, you’d be a fool to not want to experience their way of life. There are many places you can go to see traditional Fijian dancing. Experience the Lovo way of cooking, a very old style of cooking for the masses where they dig a 2ft deep hole and cook their meal in it. This traditional method is fascinating to watch and also delicious to eat. At the resorts Sheraton & Westin they have an evening show and meal to experience the Fijian culture and in Tokoriki a short boat ride would take you to the local village where you can have a tour.


    What to pack for Fiji

    Fiji is a tropical climate, so our must haves are;

    • Water – can’t go anywhere without a bottle of Fiji Water
    • Big Hats
    • Bangn Body – to keep your skin hydrated after a day in the sun
    • And most importantly your Ete Swimwear!

    All the girls are wearing the Jamie x Ete collection, London in the far right is wearing the Praiano top and  Capri Cheeky Bottoms in Lemon Drop Yellow


    For swimwear, a must is the new Jamie x Ete Swimwear collection. The influencers including Jamie who joined us on the trip looked absolutely beautiful in all the collections pieces. They’re many variations in colour and style including high-rise bottoms, one-pieces and cute accessories to make your bathers all that much better.


    All Ete Swimwear pieces shot in Fiji

    For your next trip to Fiji make sure to refer back to our guide to see all the places to go, eat and things to do, and what to bring before you head of on your Fiji adventure.


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    April 26, 2019 — Lara Smith
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    Main Image credit: Beis

    Top 10 Travel Bags

    Going somewhere soon? Check out these stylish feminine bags to assist you along your journey. We have what you need, from spending a relaxing weekend away or flying to a new place- these bags can make your holiday all that little more stylish!


    Beis, Weekender

    This attractive bag were designed for experienced travellers. With multiple compartments to keep everything seperate, including a shoe compartment underneath the bag; it’s the perfect device for anyone who likes everything organised. It even contains a zipper pocket which can be undone and transformed into a sleeve to put over your luggage.

    Beis, Weekender


     Samsonite, Octolite

    This tasteful, futuristic suitcase has unique grooves that are not only there for apperance, but to provide a light weight and strengthening touch to the bag. This bag was made for travellers who want a long-lasting, durable bag that is easy to mauver through busy airport traffic.

    Samsonite, Octolite


    Cuyana, Classic Overnight Bag

    The classic overnight bag is extremely diverse for all your needs. It can transform from being an simple overnight bag with multiple storage compartments, to the perfect bag for a day trip to the beach, going to the gym or even using it in the office. This bag easily stores a ’15 inch’ laptop, and whatever other accessory’s you may need for your daily life, while maintaining a trendy look.

     Cuyana, Classic Overnight Bag


    Hudson and Bleeker, Toiletry Bag

    This cute, handy makeup bag contains three different little bags within it. This is great for sorting out products into different areas, such as basic essentials for a day out, or slipping into your hand bag. 

    Hudson and Bleeker, Toiletry Bag 


     Calpak, Gold Marble Luggage

    This Gold marble number has an air of class and refinement, while still being extremely functional. With an expandable feature, this suitcase can cater to any traveller’s needs, from taking a nice summer trip to the tropical beaches in Hawaii, to the snowy peaks of Austria. It can adapt to fit whatever you need!

    Calapck, Gold Marble Luggage 


    Herschel, Classic Backpack

    This classic feminine backpack is perfect for the day out with friends or to use as carry on to any destination. This bag has a light weight relaxed structure that can fit a ’15 inch’ laptop, with large front pockets, that can easily facilitate your phone, wallet or passport for easy access later.

    Herschel, Classic Backpack


     Mark and Graham, Concourse Boarding Bag 


     Made from vegan leather, this travel bag is durable for long flights while still being ever so fashionable. It has a variety of adjustable straps, which means it can be converted into a weekender style bag, backpack or over the shoulder.

    Mark and Graham, Concourse Boarding Bag


    Ted Baker, Julis

    The adorable gold bow detailing makes this the perfect piece to sit pretty on your dresser, and yet small enough to fit in your hand bag for a night out in the town.

     Ted Baker, Julis


    Kapton & Son, Lund Sand Brown

    This backpack makes a practical adventure bag with its water resistant canvas, and adjustable sizing to ensure all your belongings are secure. It can hold up to 9 liters in volume and includes a ’14 inch’ padded laptop sleeve. Made from vegan leather this backpack is an essential for adventure lovers.

    Kapton & Son, Lund Sand Bag


    Away,The Everywhere Bag

    The everywhere bag, is specifically designed to be the perfect carry on item, with straps designed to slip over handles of luggage. The bag has room to fit a ‘14 inch’ laptop, and has a removable shoulder strap.

    Away, The Everywhere Bag  


    Here are our top 10 picks for the perfect travel bags! For your next adventure be sure to consider these luxiours, practical items to assit your travels. 

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    Top Eco-Resorts In The World

    Top Eco-Resorts In The World

    Are you looking at destinations for you next holiday? Be sure to continue reading to find out about top eco-resorts around the world. Experience a new form of luxury that allows you to appreciate and see the beautiful forms of nature around you without disturbing the environment.   

    Misool Eco-Resort ~ Indonesia  

      Hidden in the remote Raja Ampat, Indonesia. You’ll be able to experience a true tropical getaway. Where you’re surrounded by sandy white beaches and pristine oceans. Options for accommodation include water cottages where Balinese inspired villas are built on stilts over the ocean or villas hidden away in the jungle under wild almond trees. When you stay at the Misool eco-resort you enable the enrichment and revitalisation of the natural surroundings and communities.

      Things we love about the Misool Eco-Resort:

      • World class shore dives.
      • Traditional Indonesian cooking classes. 
      • Misool Foundation ~ safeguarding biodiverse reefs on Earth. 

      Misool Eco-Resort

      Daintree Eco-Lodge ~ Cairns, Australia

        Eco-lodge and spa in the Daintree rainforest offers sustainable luxury. Offering luxury suits on the rainforest floor and canopy. Ensuring you’ll get the best view of your surroundings and relax in comfort and style. The lodge produces renewable energy, with 13% coming from solar panels and partnering with Rainforest Rescue to plant new trees. It’s definitely a place to get back in touch with nature. 

        Things we love about the Daintree Eco-Lodge:

        • Daintree spa ~ harnessing pure water from the onsite waterfall. 
        • Julaymba cooking classes. 
        • Sustainable veggie patch ~ fresh produce for guest meals. 

        Daintree Eco-Lodge

        Soneva Fushi ~ Maldives

          Soneva Fushi is the place to stay if you are looking for sandy white beaches and untouched nature. Located on an untouched island in the Maldives. The accommodation is tailored to the experience you want. If you’re into snorkelling a sunset Villa is the way to go. If you’re looking for more privacy the sunrise side is for you. Relax while knowing you’re supporting the education of Maldivian children water safety and environmental education.

          Things we love about Soneva Fushi:

          • First "castaway" resort in the Maldives, pioneering the back to nature trend.
          • Free diving experience ~ discovering the underwater world on a single breath. 
          • Proceeds from their water program provides 750,000 people with clean drinking water. 

          Soneva Fushi Resort

          Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef ~ Cape Range, Australia 

            Beachside safari camp in the dunes of the Cape Range National Park. The hidden gem offers wilderness tents overviewing the Ningaloo Reef. Each of the tents are raised off the ground and provide a wonderful view of the surrounding environment. If you are looking to unplug, this is the perfect place to stay. Due to the remote location there’s no internet or mobile connection. Nothing but you and nature!

            Things we love about Sal Salis:

            • Dark sky experience ~ uninterrupted views of the milky way.
            • Almost 100% of the power is generated from solar panels. 
            • 5% of the business's turnover goes to WA's department of environmental services to assist in conservations.   

            Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef

            Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain ~ China 

              Six Senses Resort is located at the gateway to the Qing Cheng Mountains. The resort is close to the amazing Panda Valley, offering the opportunity to get up and close with pandas. While offering luxurious amenities the resort strives to enhance the guest experience by showing respect to nature.

              Things we love about the Six Senses Resort:

              • Six Senses Spa ~ locally inspired treatment. 
              • Tesla electric car is used for airport transfers. 
              • Purifies and mineralises their own drinking water with re-usable glass bottles.

              Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain

              The Brando ~ French Polynesia 

                The Brando resort is found on the private island of Tetiaroa the French Polynesia. The resort offers luxury in the middle of pristine nature while the design reflects the culture and lifestyle of Polynesia. Get back to nature with one of the many outdoor activities offered at the resort. See the resorts Ecostation in the works, including education, conservation and creative science in regard to the ecosystem.

                Things we love about the Brando Resort: 

                • Scuba lessons in the lagoon.
                • Whale watching with naturalist guide and professional scuba diver. 
                • Romantic evening on the beach ~ private dinner and Tahitian dance show.

                The Brando Resort

                North Island Resort ~ Seychelles

                  Luxurious private island resort. With only 11 villas on the island there will be an abundance of untouched beaches, for you to find yourself soaking up the sun. The North Island resort allows guests to spend time with their environmental team or the ability to explore the island by yourself to understand and see first hand the work that has gone in to rehabilitating the natural environment.

                  Things we love about the North Island Resort:

                  • Private sunset cruises with the opportunity to see dolphins swimming.
                  • Noah's Ark Conservation and island rehabilitation program. 
                  • Guided walk ~ up Spa Hill to the best view of North Island. 

                  North Island Resort

                  The Bardessono Eco Resort and Spa ~ California

                    The Bardessono Eco Resort and Spa located in California in the heart of wine country. At the Bardessono there is always something to do with the guest experience always coming first. Multiple activities available at the resort and events in the town close by. The resort prides themselves on a mindful approach to the good life, by acting on environmental values.

                    Things we love about the Bardessono Eco-Resort: 

                    • Napa Valley bike tours.
                    • Minimising water waste ~ low water flow and drought tolerant plants.
                    • Underground Geothermal systems heats and cools guest rooms. 

                    The Bardessono

                    Bangkok Tree House ~ Thailand

                      Located on the banks of Chao Phraya River the 12-room resort is on the outskirts of Bangkok. The range of rooms over look the amazing Bangkok jungle. Built from reclaimed wood the resort strives to obtain a zero waste goal by eliminating all types of waste by following their 6 “R’s”. The Bangkok Tree House offers a unique dining experience at Reflect where the ingredients come straight from the farm to you enjoy and experience organic cuisine while overlooking the river.

                      Things we love about the Bangkok Tree House:

                      • Beautiful and sustainable bamboo structures. 
                      • Floating Markets ~ Bang Nam Peung Market for handcrafted gifts and food.
                      • Bangkok jungle bike ride ~ explore the lush vegetation and exotic flora and fauna. 

                        Bangkok Tree House

                        The Whitepod ~ Switzerland

                        18 luxurious domes located in the heart of the Alps. The domes adapt to their environment, changing colour to go with the season. Find yourself sitting in a white dome surrounded by beautiful white snow during winter. With the controlled used of energy and water the pods are striving to bring hospitality and environmental conservation together.

                        Things we love about the Whitepod:

                        • Amazing dogsledding tour along the frozen forest and snow covered field. 
                        • Paragliding with a certified pilot. 
                        • Biodiversity ~ raising guest awareness of the surrounding flora and fauna and limited lighting at night. 

                        The Whitepod

                        For more travel inspo read our Q&A with Lara Kamnik @your_passport

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                        Hawaii Travel Guide

                        Hawaii Travel Guide

                        Ete Swimwear Founder, Jess Williamson, has just returned from her Hawaiian adventures so we caught up with her to find out all the top things to see and do on your next #EteAdventures.

                        ete swimwear

                        Luana bikini top & Beau High-Waist Bottoms in Blue Floral Print

                        Hawaii truly is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. The beautiful beaches, natural landscapes and great food, there is so much to see and to explore. I have always loved Hawaii and wanted to take my boyfriend Chris to see how amazing it is because he’d never been to Hawaii and last time I visited I didn’t get to do nearly close to everything I wanted to, there’s just so much! Below you can find out all about our trip and my favourite things to do while in Hawaii!

                        WHERE TO STAY IN HAWAII

                        We visited the island of Oahu, this is the main tourist island of Hawaii. We decided to stay at Waikiki beach which is where you’ll find the majority of the hotels, restaurants and shops. A city skyline is probably not the first thing you think of when you think about a vacation in Hawaii but staying in Waikiki was super handy for getting around the island. All busses & tours leave from Waikiki and also its quite close to many of the main things we wanted to do and was easy to find a place to eat each day, there’s just SOOOO many restaurants (I’ll tell you my favourites below).

                        If you are looking for a more laid-back atmosphere then the North Shore maybe more your style.

                        hawaii guide ete swimwear jessica williamson

                        BEST BEACHES ON OAHU

                        First things first, let me tell you about the beaches! We went to so many beaches during our trip and they all were so different from each other and amazing in their own ways. Here are my favourites:

                        Let’s start with Waikiki Beach! Waikiki Beach is right in the middle of Waikiki with hotels lining its shores. If you are lucky enough you maybe staying in one of the hotels right on the beach, but for us we were about 2 blocks back from the beach, only a 5 minute walk. We didn’t really swim or spend much time at Waikiki beach because its so crowded being in the main tourist area however it’s known for great surfing and the beautiful view of Diamond Head Crater. In the evenings we sometimes took a walk along the beach before dinner and some nights we sat to watch the sunset along with the other million people there haha! The great thing is that its super central and close so you don’t have to go far to reach the beach.

                        Hanauma Bay is a nature preserve is amazing for snorkelling and is only about 15 minutes from Wakiki by car or around 50 minutes by bus. We took the bus to get here which leaves right from Waikiki beach and is only $5 for a full-day pass. Before entering the beach you will have to watch a short video which explains you on how to interact with the nature and how to treat the sea life and you will have to purchase an entry ticket for $7 per person to help preserve the beautiful bay. The bay is beautiful, the water clear and turquoise and it’s perfect for snorkelling, we saw so many fish!

                        Lanikai Beach Hawaii ete swimwear jessica williamson

                        Wearing the new Malia top & Beau high waist bottoms in blush embroidery at Lanikai Beach.

                        Lanikai hawaii guide ete swimwear jessica williamson

                        Lanikai Beach is on the east coast, a little further from Waikiki but so worth it! The water is the most turquoise green water I have ever seen and with two mountains in the water the views are very scenic. The sand is super white and soft here, other beaches the sand is a bit more shelly and coarse. Lanikai was the most picturesque beach I have seen! Luckily we took an Uber here so our driver showed us how to get to the beach because it’s in a residential area, there are little alley ways between the houses to reach the beach.

                        Hawaii guide ete swimwear jessica williamson

                        We took a drive up the east coast one day and happened to discover so many cute and private beaches so we stopped along the way (sorry I’m not sure what they were called). My favourite was this tiny beach with a swing in the trees. We also came across Chinaman’s Hat which is right near Kualoa Ranch if you’re planning on going there.

                        Hawaii travel guide ete swimwear

                        We rented a Jeep for a few days and took the opportunity to drive up to the North Shore for 2 days and visited a few beaches while we were there. Sharks cove was perfect for snorkelling, we saw so many huge fish! Waimea Bay is good for cliff jumping OR to watch others jump, but on the day we went, the waves were huge so we just relaxed on the sand. We also went to Turtle Bay but didn’t see any turtles so maybe we were in the wrong spot haha!

                        ete swiwmear

                        Coco Bikini Top & Coco Bottoms white embroidery

                        Waimea Falls is also in the North Shore, right beside Waimea bay. It is a botanical gardens with paths all the way through the beautiful gardens, leading to a natural waterfall at the end where you can swim in the freshwater.  

                        HIKING ON OAHU

                        Wow! The hikes in Hawaii were beyond incredible, the views and natural environment is like nowhere else. Here are a few of the hikes we did:

                        Diamond Head crater hike ete swimwear jessica williamson

                        You can’t come to Waikiki and not hike Diamond Head Crater! This is just 5 minutes from Waikiki and is the old volcano crater that you can see from the beach. We woke up super early one morning to get to the crater by 6am which is the time the hike opens. We wanted to experience sunrise as we hiked, and it was so worth it! It was quite a busy trail with a lot of people plus it was mostly paved or stairs but at the top it has a breath taking view over Waikiki and the beaches nearby.

                        Manoa Falls was the second hike we did. This trail looked like a scene from Jurassic Park, it was so luscious and green! It was about a 20 minute car ride from Waikiki and is in the mountains so it’s quite a wet trail so make sure you wear good shoes. It took us around 1 hour to hike to the end where there is a large waterfall.

                        Lanikai Beach pillbox hike hawaii ete swimwear jessica williamson

                        The Pillbox Trail is one of the most rewarding trails because the hike up is only about 20 minutes and the views are breath taking. The view at the top is looking over Lanikai beach, where you can see the 2 mountains in the most turquoise clear waters!

                        Last but not least, this hike was a last minute search on Google where we found Kuliouou Ridge Trail. Wow! This hike was something else… it was the most versatile hike, going through the valley and up to the top of the ridge of the mountain we saw tropical plants, a pine forest and the most amazing views! This hike was by far my favourite and most rewarding. It took us around 3.5 hours to reach the top because we stopped to take so many photos, there was a new view everywhere you look and it just kept getting better the further we went. Once we reached the top, we were as high as the clouds, the view speaks for itself! This was more of a quiet trail with mainly locals and an unmarked path at some sections, which made it more authentic and fun.

                        Helicopter flight

                        One of the greatest experiences was seeing Waikiki from above. Chris got us tickets for a sunset helicopter ride for my birthday because he knew how much I love sunsets so one afternoon we took to the skies and had an unforgettable helicopter ride. We were so lucky the sunset that night was just magical and seeing everything from a new perspective was one of my favourite things we did.

                        Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden

                        Hawaii travel guide ete swimwear jessica williamson

                        While we still had the Jeep we took the opportunity to take a drive to Ho’omaluhia Botanical Gardens. The botanic garden is beautiful and you can easily drive through the stunning nature. I would recommend going here with a car as the gardens are quite large and it means you will get to see it all.

                        BEST FOOD SPOTS

                        Tucker & Bevvy Picnic Foods: I am going to say this is the BEST Acai Bowl on Oahu, probably the best one I have ever had! We went here about 5+ times for breakfast and got the Acai bowl every time. Tucker & Bevvy have all sorts of healthy foods and sandwiches for taking on a picnic. There are 2 locations and we were lucky to have one right across the road from our hotel, perfect for breakfast.

                        Cheesecake Factory: Don’t hate me for this one but we went there 3+ times! It has so much variety on the menu, the meals are insanely huge and they are super fast at service so its great to eat there before going for an activity. It does get very busy and there will be a long wait for dinner so we always went for lunch or at 5pm for an early dinner to beat the ques. Chris and I actually shared an appetiser nachos and could not eat one more thing, the meals really are huge! Which makes it a cheap dinner J And don’t forget the cheesecakes.

                        Sunrise Shack: The cutest food shack in the North Shore! How can you not go here when it is super cute and super tasty! They serve Acai and smoothie bowls that are so pretty!

                        Sunrise shack north shore hawaii

                        Top of Waikiki: This is the only revolving restaurant on the island! Before dinner we went to the rooftop bar just below it and had a fruity cold drink while we waited for our dinner booking. We timed it perfectly to watch the sunset from on top of Waikiki. It was such a beautiful view and delicious dinner!

                        Banán: Banán has acai bowls in cups, bowls or papaya - it kind of looks like a soft serve. They have a few shops on the island but we went to the one in the centre of Waikiki which was down the alleyway with all the surfboard right at the beach.

                        Haleiwa Bowls: It’s in the heart of the North Shore and they serve Acai bowls. It’s super convenient to go to, so we had breakfast here before heading to the beach.


                        We didn’t really come to Hawaii for shopping but a tropical storm came in one day and since everything is outdoors in Hawaii we decided to do a little shopping. There are a lot of different place for shopping near Wakiki! We decided to go to Ala Moana shopping centre, its still outdoors but has the biggest range of shops! If you are looking for some bargains you can go to the Waikele Outlets, this is about a 20-30 minute drive from the centre of Waikiki. The main area around Waikiki beach is where you find all the restaurants and touristy shops as well as lots of high end stores.

                        Overall, Hawaii was so amazing and we will certainly be back!

                        For more Travel inspiration read our Bali Travel Guide

                        October 10, 2018 — Jessica Williamson
                        Q&A with Lara Kamnik @your_passport

                        Q&A with Lara Kamnik @your_passport

                        Get to know more about the beautiful Lara Kamnik @your_passport. A blogger traveling the world and sharing her adventures while making us wish we were there! Read on to find out more.  

                        Tell us a little about yourself.

                        My name is Lara and I am 27 years young. With a deep passion for traveling, photography and creativity together with my partner Uroš @your_passage we’ve made a career out of our Instagrams.

                        What do you love most about being a travel blogger?

                        The ability to be creative every single day, do what makes me happy, but mostly, do it together with my partner.

                        You've travelled to such amazing destinations. Where are your must see places?

                        Top places are Bali and Nusa Penida Island, Italy, Greece, Cappadocia and Sri Lanka.

                        Do you have any dream destinations?

                        Hawaii and French Polynesia.

                        What are your top travelling tips?

                        • Take half as much clothing and twice as much money.
                        • Always clean a mini TV-screen on plane with a sanitizer tissue before using it.
                        • Make a copy of your passport, then carry it somewhere else than where you have your actual passport.
                        • Choose the itinerary based on the things you have always wanted to try; whether that is eating your way through Italy, learning a language, or trying out meditation – the important thing is that this is your time to explore.

                        One thing you can't travel without?

                        My partner obviously, but he is not a thing. :) So, it would be a camera, tooth brush and Ete Swimwear. :)

                        See more from Lara on her instagram @your_passport and blog https://yourpassport.blog/

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                        Tags: q&a Travel
                        Bali Travel Guide with Somewear Elsewhere

                        Bali Travel Guide with Somewear Elsewhere

                        We recently partnered with Somewear Elsewhere on their blogger trip to Bali, and it was a huge success! They had such an amazing team with Yelena from Husskie Press on board taking all the photos, Kimi Juan and her husband Thomas, Emily Gurr, Lara (@your_passport) and Uros (@your_passage) and also the amazing Laura Jade Stone! So we asked them their top Bali travel tips and favourite places.

                        Where to Stay

                        Kimi juan ete swimwear

                        Kimi Juan in our Monterey Top

                        We stayed in Canggu, it was so peaceful away from the hustle and bustle of Kuta and Seminyak, but not too far from all the shops and restaurants. We stayed at The Palm House and wow, it was amazing! It was the home of our dreams, beautiful white modern décor, stunning pool surrounded by palm trees and a hospitable team. The villa was large enough for everyone to have their own large bedroom and bathrooms.

                        kimi juan ete swimwearlaura jade stone ete swimwear

                        Kimi Juan in the Monterey Top  |  Laura Jade Stone in the Venice Swimsuit

                        Where to Eat

                        Ulekan: we enjoyed our first dinner at Ulekan Bali in Canggu where we enjoyed their traditional foods in ‘family style’ where we all shared the dishes to get a taste of all the amazing flavours.

                        SOUQ: for an organic lunch and some shopping in their locally sourced store.

                        Watercress: in Seminyak for Australian style dinner menu and cocktails.

                        Neon Palms Bali

                        Neon Palms: We enjoyed a picturesque breakfast at the newest brunch spot in Seminyak, Neon Palms. Not only was it amazingly tasty, the venue and food was instagrammable everywhere you looked.

                        The Lawn: Is a great spot to relax by the beach and enjoy some cocktails while we enjoyed the most delicious and generously portioned lunch.

                        Milk & Madu: in Canggu for our last breakfast before having to leave this paradise.

                         You can't go to Bali and not take your Ete Swimwear... Here's how the bloggers styled our swim!

                        @yourpassport ete swimwear

                        Lara @yourpassport in the Venice Swimsuit

                        Emm gurr ete swimwear

                        Emm Gurr in the Venice Swimsuit

                        Kimi Juan in the Monterey Top and Seaside bottoms

                        See more from Somewear Elsewhere at somewearelsewhere.com

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                        Top 30 Instagram Travel Bloggers

                        Top 30 Instagram Travel Bloggers

                        In need of some travel inspo? Look no further; we have created a list of Instagram travel bloggers that will give you just that! They definitely know how to travel in style, be prepared for some travel envy and great inspiration!

                        1. Lauren Bullen ~ @gypsea_lust


                        2. Leonie Hanne ~ @Ohhcouture 


                        3. Janni Delér ~ @jannid


                        4. Angelica Blick ~ @angelicablick 


                        5. Madeleine  ~ @pilotmadeleine 


                        6. Tara Whiteman ~ @taramilktea


                        7. Debi Flügge ~ @debiflue


                        8. Belen Hostalet ~ @belenhostalet


                        9. Hildegunn Taipale ~ @hilvees


                        10. Aggie Lal ~ @travel_inhershoes 


                        11. Polina ~ @polabur


                        12. Simone ~ @si_sichen


                        13. Matilda djerf ~ @matildadjerf



                        14. Jamie Mansfield ~ @jamienkidd


                        15. Claudia Padgett ~ @zeebalife


                        16. Elise Cook ~ @elisecook


                        17. Cara Jourdan ~ @carajourdan 


                        18. Christine Tran ~ @tourdelust


                        19. Lisa Homsy ~ @lisahomsy


                        20. Lisa Smith ~ @lisadanielle_


                        21. Emily Hutchinson ~ @emelinaah


                        22. Ellie Bullen ~ @elliebullen 


                        23. Chloe Barry-Hang ~ @chloe_bh


                        24. Kimi Juan ~ @kimijuan


                        25. Katerina Stavreva ~ @katerinastavreva


                        26. Lara Kamnik ~ @your_passport


                        27. Sarah ~ @saltyluxe


                        28. Lucia ~ @lucyinthesskyy


                        29. Charlotte Louise ~ @luluescapes


                        30. Adri Alvarado ~ @maya_gypsy


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                        April 11, 2018 — Jessica Williamson
                        Surviving Coachella: Top Festival Tips

                        Surviving Coachella: Top Festival Tips

                        Coachella is just around the corner so we have put together our top tips for surviving Coachella and a list of necessities to pack!

                        TOP 10 COACHELLA FESTIVAL TIPS

                        1. Leave for the festival early in the morning

                        If you’re not camping, make sure to leave for the festival early. Traffic can get very congested and it can take hours to get to the festival.

                        2. Buy merchandise on the first day

                          Don’t miss out on the pieces you want. Buy your merch at the beginning of the first day before it gets too busy and things sell out.

                          3. Have a physical meeting spot for you and your friends

                          Come up with a unique physical spot that you can meet your friends if you get separated. 

                          4. Porta-pottie necessities

                            Be sure to bring extra seat covers, toilet paper, baby wipes and hand sanitiser.

                            5. Save your phone battery

                            There are no charging stations in the festival grounds. Turn off your wi-fi, bluetooth, data and close any background apps to save battery life.

                            6. Plan your outfits for each day

                            Planning your complete outfits for each day helps save time in the morning before heading to the festival and means you wont forget a thing! Take photos of your complete outfits so you have a reference for the day when getting ready.

                            7. It takes time to get from stage to stage

                            If there’s an act you really want to see, leave early to get there. It can take a good half hour to walk between stages when it’s crowded.

                            8. Print out the setlist

                            Festival staff do hand out set time pamphlets, but don’t spend time looking for one. Print out the set times before you arrive.

                            9. Make a plan

                            Highlight the artists you want to see before you get there. Making a plan is the best way to maximize your time.

                            10. Don’t forget to eat and drink lots of water

                              Looking after yourself is the number 1 priority to make sure you last the whole weekend. This is the most important Coachella tip!

                              ete swimwear coachella festival  ete swimwear coachella festival

                              WHAT TO PACK

                              • Cute outfits
                              • Swimsuit – for pool parties or to wear as an outfit
                              • Comfortable shoes – You will be on your feet for 13 hours a day so while some shoes look cute, you will wish you opted for the practical option.
                              • Water– Bring an empty water bottle (no metal though), to fill it when you get inside.
                              • Warm jacket - Always bring something warm for the night time. You will thank us for this one! 
                              • Cash – Most transactions will require cash.
                              • Sunscreen– The sunshine and warm weather is what makes Coachella so much fun but you don’t want to be hiding away on day 2 and 3 because you are burnt!
                              • Poncho
                              • Phone charger– Because who wants a dead phone?
                              • Earplugs
                              • Chapstick 
                              • Hand Saniriser
                              • Bandana – to avoid breathing in a tonne of dust
                              • Spare toilet paper and wet-wipes

                              For more Coachella inspo check out our festival themed look book shoot here.

                              April 08, 2018 — Jessica Williamson
                              Coachella Festival Style

                              Coachella Festival Style

                              Coachella is just around the corner so we have put together some of our favourite festival looks for this festival season! Dreamy skies and a magical vibe...

                              SHOP THE LOOKS HERE > 

                              Ete swimwear coachella festival fashion burning man



                              Ete swimwear coachella festival fashion burning man

                              Ete swimwear coachella festival fashion burning man

                              Ete swimwear coachella festival fashion burning man

                              Ete Swimwear Coachella festival fashion burning man festival

                              Ete Swimwear Coachella festival fashion burning man festival

                              Ete Swimwear Coachella festival fashion burning man festival

                              Ete Swimwear Coachella festival fashion burning man festival

                              Shot by @_jypsea

                              Makeup @makeupbymelanie_

                              Hair @amylee.artistry

                              Models @shendellhay & @m_narcisa 


                              SHOP THE LOOKS HERE >


                              Bikinis in order of appearance:

                              Bella bikini top Lace & Bailey Bottoms Lace

                              Luana top & Bailey Reversible bottoms

                              Harper one-piece swimsuit

                              Celine top & Chelsea Skirt

                              Tula top Lace & Luci Bottoms Lace


                              To see more festival inspiration read our blog Top things to pack for a festival

                              March 26, 2018 — Jessica Williamson