We all know when the cooler months are here, we can't leave the house without a jacket, the days get shorter, and worst of all, our skin gets really dry and makeup sticks to every fleck of dried skin in the most unflattering way. Not sexy. So what's a girl gotta do? 

We tend to forget our 8 glasses a day when it's cold out. Unlike summer days we don't get hot and sweaty, so we feel thirsty much less. This tricks us into thinking we don't need to drink, when in reality our bodies are actually parched. When we're dehydrated, our skin suffers first. Water really does solve it all. So drink up, ladies and watch your skin transform. 

At least twice a week give your skin a deep cleanse by exfoliating. This removes dirt, dead & dried skin cell build up and helps promote cell renewal. The result? No more dried bits, less breakouts and super smooth skin.

Our Pick 

Baking Soda

Plain ol' baking soda is one of the best things you can use on your face. It's gentle yet packs a punch with its exfoliating power. Start with wet skin and rub the baking soda in circular motions gently.


Dry skin in the winter is the worst. Your skin feels tight, parched, itchy and sometimes even the wind hurts. If you forget to moisturise just one day you'll feel it the next. Use a moisturiser that's heavier than your summer time one, and if you have naturally dry skin, pump it up a notch at night. If you're in a pinch or run out of moisturiser at the last minute, coconut oil is your best friend. Slap it on at night and wake up with perfectly hydrated skin. 

More about the benefits of coconut oil for your skin.


Makeup can sometimes look dry and flat in cold weather. To achieve that dewy, rosy cheeked look perfect for autumn/winter, swap your powder blush & highlighter with a liquid based one. Nothing brightens up winter skin more than a few dots of blush blended on the apples of your cheeks and some liquid highlighter on the high points of your face.

Our Pick

Mermaid Body #Sunglitter Liquid Highlighter

It's made with a blend of facial oils that hydrate the skin, and adds a luminous glow to your complexion. Say goodbye to dull skin, and hello to a glow that rivals Bella Hadid. Bonus points, it's super easy to apply. Just drop, blend by tapping your fingers and you're good to glow.

Mermaid Body #Sunglitter liquid highlighter

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April 17, 2017 — Jessica Williamson