Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi, I’m Marisa! A 22 year old, half German, half Brazilian girl who grew up in the south of Germany and works as a model for many years now and believes in Karma! :P

Tell us a bit about how you got into modelling, where it all started, why you started, what age when you started and what you are doing at the moment with modelling.

Well, it all started pretty early, to be specific, at the age of 6!

My mum always dressed me up, in those super cool dungarees and converse sneakers, so I think I rocked that look pretty much & that´s why one day a woman came by and told my mum that her blond angel, would be the perfect choice for their shoot!

Since that time, I always used to model a little bit, but hey - there are some duties you need to fulfil like going to school and graduating!

After I graduated, I started with modelling again, this time more intense!

I have started to love it even more and more, so I decided, at the age of 19, to make it my main job! And that’s the story behind it! :)

What do you love most about being a model?

I think most of the people who are in the same business, would say: “the traveling”. And so do I! My opinion is that you're growing a lot, and getting to know yourself better, if you're traveling a lot and getting to see a lot of different cultures and people; that´s the second thing I love the most about being a model, getting to know so many different people, different characters, people with a different perspective on life, business and even love! I’m learning a lot while traveling!

Ow, and guys! don't be shy, always try the traditional dishes of the country you're visiting! :P

Least favourite thing about being a model (if any)?

THE WAITING! I’m super inpatient and waiting is one of the biggest parts of this job so I always carry a good book with me so not one second is wasted!

Things you have learnt along the way?

Don’t wrack your brain on comments from people who don't really know you! And NEVER EVER do something you don't have fun with, something that makes you sad or uncomfortable!

Marisa dos santos ete swimwear

You mentioned on your Instagram how you have struggled in the past with body image, what issues are there in society with this?

The thing is, I’m 178 cm (5’10) tall, have always been skinny with super long arms and legs, so what? But that has been the reason why the kids in school made fun of me, called me: “giraffe”, “bone”, “beanpole”, “anorexic”, and several other things. It made me sad, I was feeling different than all the other girls around me, way too tall and way too skinny.

I came home and cried, I actually put on two pair of leggings underneath my jeans just to look a little bit ‘bigger’! And that’s the point! I tried to change myself, because I did not feel accepted, just the way I am. I’ve tried to change myself, only for them. It still makes me sad, while I’m writing this down, because that’s what society still has to learn. We’re all different, we all have different types of bodies! And guess what? That’s a good thing! We all need to accept that and finally start to love ourselves! Stop judging, stop body shaming!

How do you manage to stay confident and promote a healthy body image? How do you embrace your natural body?

To be honest, I think it is not the easiest thing these days, to stay confident in your own body.

Because of all the pretty and “perfect” people on several social media platforms, we’re putting so much pressure on ourselves. We think we need to have a butt like the Kardashians, lips like Angelina Jolie, legs like one of the VS Angels, etc. just to get accepted by people we don't even know. Doesn’t that sound wrong? Why would we all want to look the same?!

The best way, to stay confident in your own body, is that you just need to be aware that it´s not important what other people may think about you! For me, it also helped to go to the gym on a regular basis, it gave me a good feeling about my own body. As long as you feel confident in your own body you’re reflecting that to the outside.

How do you manage to stay healthy with such a busy lifestyle?

A lot of people think that staying healthy is so hard. But, should I tell you something? It´s not! I love to cook fresh (so you know all the ingredients) and I'm always taking food and snacks with me, while I´m traveling. Especially breakfast, I LOVE a good breakfast!

So my tip: preparing food, or taking snacks with you, is saving you from eating fast-food on the go.

Marisa dos santos ete swimwear

Guilty pleasures?


How do you spend your down time?

Because I’m surrounded by so many people during my jobs, I really appreciate to have some time with myself & a good book or a good movie! 

Dream destinations?

Bali, Santorini, South Africa, NYC & Australia - and of course Brazil, because I have family over there.

What is something you are passionate about/loving at the moment?

I never thought that I’d ever say this, but it is… hitting the gym!

Do you have any tips or messages for girls aspiring to make their dreams come true?

Nike has one of the best slogans: “just do it!” don't think too much, it won’t make it better :)

It doesn't matter if other people don’t believe in you, the only person that matters is YOU! 

To see more from Marisa head to her Instagram @marisa_dos_santos and modelling agency

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August 13, 2017 — Jessica Williamson
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