Tell us a little about yourselves.

I am from Valencia, Spain and Jeremy @mrmonnet is French, we both met during Paris Fashion Week, and since then we decided to travel the world! After few days knowing each other we flew to India and Sri Lanka, and we got married! It´s a crazy story but we have different versions of how we ended up getting married after an 8 day trip! Since then we get married every year in a different religion (Cambodia, Marrakech, Bali etc). Although currently based in Hong Kong, we travel 11 months/year. We are obsessed with the beach, it has to be summer wherever we travel, I don’t see myself planning a trip to a cold destination.

Mr & Mrs Monnet Zanzibar Travel Guide

What area of Tanzania did you travel to? And where did you stay while there?

We visited Kilimanjaro and Serengeti. In Zanzibar, we did everything, from the North to the South and the islands around. Additionally, we spent a lot of time on the east, Jambiani and the Rock. 

We stayed in different places, our favourites so far were Park Hyatt in Stone Town (it´s cool for a couple of nights), Tulia that has amazing villas and Upendo, in front of the Rock. 

In Serengeti, we stayed at the Four Seasons Safari Lodges, it was the best hotel I’ve been to in my life. Our daily wake up was surrounded by zebras and elephants. A dream come true! I cannot compare that experience with anything else. 

Mr & Mrs Monnet Zanzibar Travel Guide

How many days did you spend in Zanzibar? Was it long enough? 

We have been travelling 2 months around the island, and then 2 weeks in Serengeti doing a Safari. 6-8 days is more than enough to discover Zanzibar, as well to have time to relax.

Mr & Mrs Monnet Zanzibar Travel Guide

Was there anything that surprised you about Zanzibar?

It´s still very wild and authentic, not so crowded and the turquoise water is unbelievable! The beach in the morning is amazing and always with different colors. At low tide, you can see the fishermen walking around surrounded by the Dhows (typical local sailing boat). 

Mr & Mrs Monnet Zanzibar Travel Guide

Where was the best places to eat and drink?

Brunch on Sunday at Upendo, the lobster is amazing!

We saw you visited such beautiful white beaches, what was your favourite beach and why? 

Jambiani was so wild and in the middle of the village. As soon as we left our villa, we were surrounded by kids to play with!

Mr & Mrs Monnet Zanzibar Travel Guide

What was your favourite thing about Zanzibar? 

Nnemba island, you can swim with dolphins in a crystal-clear water, we counted up to 40! It´s one of the best experiences in my life. At low tide, sandbanks show up, perfect for a breakfast picnic. 

What was the first thing you wanted to do when you arrived? 

Enjoy the sunset in the north. Cool music, good vibes and surrounded by dhows, it’s worth a view.

Mr & Mrs Monnet Zanzibar Travel Guide

What did you pack to be so stylish on your trip & other packing essentials? 

Tons of bikinis and sunglasses!! White dresses, almost no shoes or sandals, I´ve been barefoot during 2 months! 

What are your top 5 activities people should do when visiting Zanzibar?

  1. Picnic on a sandbank in front of Nmemba island
  2. Starfish gardens
  3. Sunset in the north
  4. Visit Mafia island to swim with shark whales (at least 1 or 2 nights there)
  5. Swim with dolphins in Nmemba island - so far the best

 Mr & Mrs Monnet Zanzibar Travel Guide

5 Tips for others travelling to Zanzibar? 

  • Don´t forget a GoPro!
  • Dhow (traditional boat) excursion 
  • Try to spend time with the kids of the villages and bring old things for donation (school things such as books and pens, clothes, etc.), their smiles are priceless! 
  • Visit the villages, to understand the real culture
  • Ask the fishermen to get you some fresh fish for very cheap
  • Bring cash $ for your visa upon arrival (to speed up the process)

Mr & Mrs Monnet Zanzibar Travel Guide

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Mr & Mrs Monnet Zanzibar Travel Guide Mr & Mrs Monnet Zanzibar Travel Guide

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