We spoke with Matilda Djerf (@matildadjerf) about her trip to the Greek Islands!
maltilda djerf Greek island guide    

Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Matilda and I'm 19 years old. I’m based in Sweden but I make sure to travel enough to say I don't live there. Hmm my favourite things to do? Ah laying on a beach and going for dips in the ocean. Shooting pictures and everything that has to do with social media, I love it. Right now I'm obsessing over bikinis (as always) and midi dresses, so HOT.

What islands did you travel to?

I recently went to IOS for two nights, Santorini and Mykonos for both four nights as well.

What island had the best beaches?

MYKONOS!! We found the cutest beach with the clearest water used by only the locals. Sounds like heaven right? 

What island had the best views?

Oh Santorini for sure, watching the sun go down in Oia is something special. The town is so high up and with all the houses along the cliffs you cannot help but fall in love.

maltilda djerf Greek island guide

What island had the best places to eat and drink? 

Santorini had the best Sangria for sure. Then again, popping a bottle of champagne in our hotel room in Mykonos was pretty great as well. As for food, I tried gyros on all islands, and Mykonos had the best. So cheap too!! And so yummy.

How many days did you spend in Greece? Was it long enough?

I spent 10. Hmm, I'm not the person to ask. I barely ever feel that I've had time to do it all. But YES, it was enough after all.

What was your favourite island?

Mykonos!! I was so pleasantly surprised with this island. I thought Santorini would take the cake, but the town in Mykonos, with its beaches and laid back vibe, I was instantly won over.

What was the first thing you wanted to do when you arrived?

Go for a dip in the ocean, and feel the sun on my skin! I arrived at night though, so I did the next best thing - ordered a glass of wine.

Greek island style: what did you pack to be so stylish on your trip? 

Feels like half of my packing was maxi dresses, I had this vision of me walking in the streets of Greece with a flowing skirt and I made that happen. So stylish and comfy! Plus I had lots of bikinis from Ete Swimwear, of course. 

maltilda djerf Greek island guide
5 Tips for others travelling to the Greek Islands? 
  1. If going to Santorini and you're wanting to save money - eat outside of Oia and Fira.
  2. If you like partying from 11 to 7 in the morning, go to Ios.
  3. In Santorini its worth to stay at a nice hotel with a pool, as there are not that many "wow" beaches. Or you go pool hopping in other hotels ;)
  4. Rent a scooter in Mykonos to see all the beaches, Kalavari was my favourite.
  5. And last, visit Cavo Tagoo hotel in Mykonos - SO BEAUTIFUL and the service is beyond!
      Oh and a last one?
      1. Drink lots of good wine in the sunset and champagne in the middle of the day. In Santorini there is a place called Santo Wines where you can try different wines for about 2 euro. And the view is amazing. It’s a must try!
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      July 20, 2016 — Jessica Williamson