We recently caught up with Chloe Smith @_chloesmithphotography_ and Emily Everett @emilyeverettt to hear all about their recent road trip in their favourite Ete Swimwear pieces! Who doesn't love a good road trip down the coast.

road trip victoria australia

Where did you go on your mini road trip?

We headed down the Surf Coast of Victoria to one of our favourite spots, Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads. It’s a 2 hour trip to get down to the coast for us, but we love it!  

Road trip victoria australia

What makes these places unique? 

We love the landscape. The surf coast is really beautiful as there is a lot of cliff and rock areas, and also small dunes. Although there are towns close by/on the coast, the beaches still are so natural, with not many changes to the areas around them.

Road trip victoria australia

There’s also something about the sounds of the waves and the smell of the saltwater down there. We also adore the little coastal towns with so many gorgeous little shops and streets you can wander around with so many friendly people.

Road trip victoria australia ete swimwear lace bikini

We’ve both grown up out of the city, so it’s just a little more relatable to home, feels like there is a lot less hustle and bustle than at city beaches. We also love the drive there! 

Road trip victoria boho girl lace dress Road trip victoria australia

How did you travel?

 Usually when we go anywhere we usually do trek along with Bonnie, the 73 Kombi. We love packing her up and hitting the road. However, unfortunately at the moment she’s under a few works and the temperature was predicting almost 40 degrees, so we didn’t want her to overheat because she’s air-cooled. 

Road trip victoria australia

But in saying that, it was such a fun opportunity to take Em’s new car, her Nissan X-Trail for a run together, which was great fun! And it was so nice to have an air conditioner!
Road trip victoria australia

Tell us about some of the places and where your favourite spots are?

Ocean grove for a surf and a swim! 
But honestly we love so many spots and just love hanging by the beach! 
Road trip victoria australia ete swimwear white lace bikini
Road trip victoria australia ete swimwear white lace bikini


We went into Florence and Threads, a gorgeous shop stocking so many brands we love, as well as gorgeous books and so many other beautiful goodies! Definitely recommend if you can get there!
Road trip victoria australia ete swimwear white lace dress


We are such food nuts haha. We love Annie’s Provodore for pizza in Barwon heads. 
Em loves her coffee so theres always a stop in the Dunes Cafe in Ocean Grove for coffee! There’s often so many cute little roadside stalls as well that sell fresh fruit! 
And then, we always have a bunch of roadie snacks - our most common a large packet of Maltesers! 
Road trip victoria australia

Best road trip songs/playlist?

Between the two of us, our road trip playlist is a real mixed bag! A bit of Angus and Julia Stone here, a bit of Spice Girls there, we love a bit of anything and everything. But half the time we end up talking so much we forget whats even playing, haha. 
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Ete Swimwear pieces featured in the photos:


January 07, 2018 — Jessica Williamson
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