We recently caught up with the beautiful Christina Macpherson @christinamacpherson to hear all about her trip to the tropical paradise of Samoa!

We heard you grew up in Samoa, what was that like, how long were you living there?

I lived in Samoa for four years and then moved to Fiji, England and later back to Australia. Even though I was at my youngest in Samoa, that is the country I always go back to, and the one I feel a special pull toward.

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Recommended areas to stay?

The Southern Coast of Upolu (the main island of Samoa) is exceptionally beautiful. Staying in a fale (a traditional Samoan hut) is the best way to authentically travel in Samoa. We normally stay at Vaiula Beach Fales.

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Where did you stay this time?

Because we were working for a few different travel organisations and hotels; this time ‘round we stayed at Sinalei Reef Resort in Upolu which is absolutely incredible. We also went to Savai’i (the other island of Samoa) and stayed at Amoa hotel.

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How many days do you recommend we spend in Samoa?

The more the better, but 10 days - at least. 

Must-go places to eat and drink or cuisine we must try? 

Definitely head to the markets in Apia to taste all the local cuisine. For the vegans/vegetarians (like me) I always stuff myself full of palasami (tastes kind of like a Samoan version of spinach & feta) and taro chips. Oka, fresh fish, and the most exotic fruit is all at your fingertips. Oh, and the freshest most delicious coconuts!

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As a local, can you let us in on some of your secret spots/places to go/things to do?

I’d suggest going to a beautiful waterfall - one I always visited as a child - called Togitogiga. Surrounded by forest and very easy to get to.

There’s also a beautiful secret beach off the main road in Siumu village that not many of the villagers know about. It takes about 20 minutes to get to by car from the overgrown entrance. I’m not going to tell you any more on how to get there - but if you manage to find it, you’ll have found an untouched paradise.

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Top actives we must try?

Kava ceremony, learn Samoan cooking, and just go and talk to all the locals. Samoans are proud of where they live and are some of the friendliest, happy people on the planet - spending time learning about the culture will change you for the better. 

Top Tips for others travelling to Samoa? 

  1. Be open and friendly.
  2. Generally people won’t try to rip you off, so don’t barter - things are cheap enough.
  3. Hire a car.
  4. If you want easy luxury, Samoa may not be for you. There are luxurious places to stay, but I’d recommend doing it a little rough. Stay in a fale, wash your hair in fresh waterfalls, and eat traditional food. You’ll leave feeling like a new person - a better one.
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See more from Christina on Instagram @christinamacpherson and her blog christina-macpherson.com.au

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October 25, 2017 — Jessica Williamson
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