2017 is upon us and we all know how New Years resolutions never last long so our friend Zsuzsa from Zeditation has a great new approach to the new year to help us make 2017 the best year yet!

New Year Resolutions stifle us. Set Intentions instead to help you grow into your best self.

Many of us have been focused on holiday parties, family festivities, summer loving and good vibes but there is another tradition looming: New Year's Resolutions. Rather than let this tradition sneak up on us, I suggest we take some time to reflect, look at what we really want and how we want to feel.

The New Year

Taking in the challenges, lessons and big wins of the year we can dive into 2017 with more motivation if we ease into what we truly desire. The new year is a great time to look at what you’ve experienced in 2016. I encourage that we bypass the anxiety inducing “all or nothing approach” that New Year Resolutions bring and step into setting loving intentions for the New Year.

What’s the difference?

New Year Resolution’s suggest that we need to overhaul ourselves in order to make a difference. Has this ever really worked? When we put intense pressure on ourselves to change most of the time we throw in the towel before we’ve even felt the progress. Intentions are powerful and subtle, but it eases it’s way into your life when you allow it to flow. Setting your intention based on what you truly desire and where you’re at gives you the best chance on realising them.

Setting Intentions

1. Focus on how you want to feel and visualise how you want your intention to form before you write them down.

  • Eg. Think - are you wanting to feel energetic and lighter rather than looking a certain way?
  • Think - are you wanting to feel free rather than adding more things to do?
  • Visualisation is key as we gain more clarity the more we understand how we want our intention to look and feel in our lives.
2. Be clear in your statements.
    • Eg. My intention is to feel energetic and lighter in my physical body.
    • My intention is to make more space in life for freedom and meaningful connection.
    • My intention is to allow for stillness and rest to rejuvenate my body regularly.
    3. Choose 3-4 intentions that you want to focus on in the New Year.
      • Too many and you’ll find it hard to put energy into all of them.
      4. Have them written down somewhere you can see often.
        • Write them down in a journal, a poster and pin it up in your bedroom or office. Bathroom mirror is a cheeky spot and other places like having it as your phone background or desktop background is great too.

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        Check in Regularly

        Intention setting isn’t about being perfect. You will fall. Expect that. It’s about noticing when you fall out of your desired intention back into old habits. Remember, incremental progress is still progress and its important to celebrate and honour the small wins. Over a longer period of time you will find that your intention has been realised slowly but surely. Long lasting change doesn’t happen over night. It’s about everyday action that supports your intention.

        Happy New Year from all of us at Ete Swimwear and Zeditation xx

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        December 30, 2016 — Jessica Williamson