We caught up with our girl Michaela and she shared some of her top tips for travelling Western Australia. 

Tell us a little about yourself.

Ete Swimwear Australia travel guide

I am Michaela and am 23 years old. I am from the beautiful West Coast of Australia a hidden gem that is often looked past by tourists and travellers. I am based in Perth however spend most Australian summers down the south of Western Australia (WA) and can be found chasing the sun in Europe and Asia during our winter holidays. Growing up with a mother as an Air Hostess and surf obsessed father and brother it was inevitable that I would quickly develop a passion for travel and the ocean. In my spare time I love using my Go Pro to capture salty afternoons with friends and family at the beach collecting shells in my Ete Swimwear.

What areas of Australia have you travelled to most?

Since the age of 6 weeks old I have spent most Christmas holidays venturing between Rottnest Island (a small Island off Perth) and Down the south west of WA (a 3-hour drive from Perth) particularly Eagle Bay and Yallingup. As I grew older I explored the East Coast of Australia spending most of my time in Avoca, Byron Bay, Surfers Paradise and the Whitsundays (all beach destinations, can you tell I love the beach!).

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Where can we find the best beaches?

Well that’s easy of course Western Australia! No matter how many destinations I have travelled to whether it’s the beaches in Croatia, Indonesia, Bahamas, Hawaii or Byron Bay nothing compares to the incredible coast line of WA.

Rottnest Island features some of my favourite and versatile beaches, whether your looking for a beach to snorkel amongst coral reefs or sunken ships, relaxing on a completely deserted beach, swim with wild seals or surf an epic surf break, Rottnest is the place to be. The Island is accessed by a 20-minute ferry and features a bike or walk only mode of transport which makes the Island such a unique and family fun destination. Not to mention is home to the happiest animals on earth... Quokkas, if you haven’t heard of them go ahead and google image search quokkas right now you wont be disappointed!

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Another one of my West Coast hidden gems that is only known to locals and needs to be added to your bucket list is Injdup’s natural spa, found in Yallingup down the South West of WA. No need to worry about booking yourself into a day spa, Injdup Natural Spa provides visitors a spa like experience as the waves crash through the rocks the surf blasts through the rock pool cracks creating a bubbly refreshing natural spa treatment. To find your way to his piece of heaven you will need to head all the way down Wyadup road until the dead end and venture down the rocks until the spa appears on the right. 

Where can we find the best views?

Oh that’s a hard question, but I would have to say Cannal rocks in Yallingup if you’re interested in a beach sunset view. This area contains several bridges that cross over the crashing waves between huge rocks and is a well known destination to get the perfect sunset photo or Go Pro time-lapse. 

However, if your looking for a skyline view, Kings Park is the place to be. The park is full of botanical gardens, parkland and bushland and is the largest inner city park in the world, larger than New Yorks Central Park!

 Where are your favourite places to eat and drink? 

1.    Laurence Winery – The most beautiful winery not only home to grape vines but beautiful gardens of roses and the famous “chick on a stick” statue – Yallingup, WA

Ete Swimwear Australia travel guide

2.    Hotel Rottnest– Wood fire pizzas and ciders overlooking the beach… do I need to say more – Rottnest Island, WA

3.    Eagle Bay Brewery – Great view and home brewed beer - Eagle Bay, WA

4.    Bib and Tucker – Instagram worthy breakfasts over looking the beach and is owned by Australian Olympians – Leighton Beach, Perth WA

5.    Peko Peko – Home made sushi and noodles – Dunsborough, South West of WA

What are your top 5 activities to do whilst in Western Australia and where can we do them?

  1. Wine and Brewery Tour – Margaret River region, South West of WA

  2. Snorkelling at the Basin – Rottnest Island, WA

  3. Picnic at Cottesloe beach to watch the sunset – Cottesloe, WA

  4. Road Trip to the South West of WA – Perth, WA

  5. Flight over Rottnest Island – Rottnest Island, WA

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Packing tips?

WA is known for its hot summer I always carry around a frozen water bottle in my bag when I’m sight seeing, there is nothing worse than drinking warm water in 35-degree heat! Make sure you pack a lot of sunscreen, bikinis and your camera.

5 Tips for others travelling around Australia? 

  1. Make sure you have a map or know exactly where you’re going, Australia is huge and many people underestimate how far destinations are from one another.

  2. Don’t be afraid to ask locals for advice or directions, they are happy to help and often lead you to some awesome destinations you wont find on trip advisor or google.

  3. Don’t be afraid to explore, most of Australia’s beauty is found away from the tourist and city areas. Hire a car and go exploring you won’t regret it.

  4. Download an epic playlist to play in the car, there will be a lot of travel time spent in the car and there is noting worse than listening to the same five songs.

  5. Take plenty of pictures, make friends, live in the moment and enjoy!

Ete Swimwear Western Australia travel guide

Where is next on your travel bucket list?

Over the New Year period I will be heading over east to spend time with friends on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Then I am off to Singapore on a family trip, but I am definitely saving my money to head off to somewhere warm in the winter months!

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January 02, 2017 — Jessica Williamson