Coachella is just around the corner so we have put together our top tips for surviving Coachella and a list of necessities to pack!


1. Leave for the festival early in the morning

If you’re not camping, make sure to leave for the festival early. Traffic can get very congested and it can take hours to get to the festival.

2. Buy merchandise on the first day

    Don’t miss out on the pieces you want. Buy your merch at the beginning of the first day before it gets too busy and things sell out.

    3. Have a physical meeting spot for you and your friends

    Come up with a unique physical spot that you can meet your friends if you get separated. 

    4. Porta-pottie necessities

      Be sure to bring extra seat covers, toilet paper, baby wipes and hand sanitiser.

      5. Save your phone battery

      There are no charging stations in the festival grounds. Turn off your wi-fi, bluetooth, data and close any background apps to save battery life.

      6. Plan your outfits for each day

      Planning your complete outfits for each day helps save time in the morning before heading to the festival and means you wont forget a thing! Take photos of your complete outfits so you have a reference for the day when getting ready.

      7. It takes time to get from stage to stage

      If there’s an act you really want to see, leave early to get there. It can take a good half hour to walk between stages when it’s crowded.

      8. Print out the setlist

      Festival staff do hand out set time pamphlets, but don’t spend time looking for one. Print out the set times before you arrive.

      9. Make a plan

      Highlight the artists you want to see before you get there. Making a plan is the best way to maximize your time.

      10. Don’t forget to eat and drink lots of water

        Looking after yourself is the number 1 priority to make sure you last the whole weekend. This is the most important Coachella tip!

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        WHAT TO PACK

        • Cute outfits
        • Swimsuit – for pool parties or to wear as an outfit
        • Comfortable shoes – You will be on your feet for 13 hours a day so while some shoes look cute, you will wish you opted for the practical option.
        • Water– Bring an empty water bottle (no metal though), to fill it when you get inside.
        • Warm jacket - Always bring something warm for the night time. You will thank us for this one! 
        • Cash – Most transactions will require cash.
        • Sunscreen– The sunshine and warm weather is what makes Coachella so much fun but you don’t want to be hiding away on day 2 and 3 because you are burnt!
        • Poncho
        • Phone charger– Because who wants a dead phone?
        • Earplugs
        • Chapstick 
        • Hand Saniriser
        • Bandana – to avoid breathing in a tonne of dust
        • Spare toilet paper and wet-wipes

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        April 08, 2018 — Jessica Williamson