Are you looking at destinations for you next holiday? Be sure to continue reading to find out about top eco-resorts around the world. Experience a new form of luxury that allows you to appreciate and see the beautiful forms of nature around you without disturbing the environment.   

Misool Eco-Resort ~ Indonesia  

    Hidden in the remote Raja Ampat, Indonesia. You’ll be able to experience a true tropical getaway. Where you’re surrounded by sandy white beaches and pristine oceans. Options for accommodation include water cottages where Balinese inspired villas are built on stilts over the ocean or villas hidden away in the jungle under wild almond trees. When you stay at the Misool eco-resort you enable the enrichment and revitalisation of the natural surroundings and communities.

    Things we love about the Misool Eco-Resort:

    • World class shore dives.
    • Traditional Indonesian cooking classes. 
    • Misool Foundation ~ safeguarding biodiverse reefs on Earth. 

    Misool Eco-Resort

    Daintree Eco-Lodge ~ Cairns, Australia

      Eco-lodge and spa in the Daintree rainforest offers sustainable luxury. Offering luxury suits on the rainforest floor and canopy. Ensuring you’ll get the best view of your surroundings and relax in comfort and style. The lodge produces renewable energy, with 13% coming from solar panels and partnering with Rainforest Rescue to plant new trees. It’s definitely a place to get back in touch with nature. 

      Things we love about the Daintree Eco-Lodge:

      • Daintree spa ~ harnessing pure water from the onsite waterfall. 
      • Julaymba cooking classes. 
      • Sustainable veggie patch ~ fresh produce for guest meals. 

      Daintree Eco-Lodge

      Soneva Fushi ~ Maldives

        Soneva Fushi is the place to stay if you are looking for sandy white beaches and untouched nature. Located on an untouched island in the Maldives. The accommodation is tailored to the experience you want. If you’re into snorkelling a sunset Villa is the way to go. If you’re looking for more privacy the sunrise side is for you. Relax while knowing you’re supporting the education of Maldivian children water safety and environmental education.

        Things we love about Soneva Fushi:

        • First "castaway" resort in the Maldives, pioneering the back to nature trend.
        • Free diving experience ~ discovering the underwater world on a single breath. 
        • Proceeds from their water program provides 750,000 people with clean drinking water. 

        Soneva Fushi Resort

        Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef ~ Cape Range, Australia 

          Beachside safari camp in the dunes of the Cape Range National Park. The hidden gem offers wilderness tents overviewing the Ningaloo Reef. Each of the tents are raised off the ground and provide a wonderful view of the surrounding environment. If you are looking to unplug, this is the perfect place to stay. Due to the remote location there’s no internet or mobile connection. Nothing but you and nature!

          Things we love about Sal Salis:

          • Dark sky experience ~ uninterrupted views of the milky way.
          • Almost 100% of the power is generated from solar panels. 
          • 5% of the business's turnover goes to WA's department of environmental services to assist in conservations.   

          Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef

          Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain ~ China 

            Six Senses Resort is located at the gateway to the Qing Cheng Mountains. The resort is close to the amazing Panda Valley, offering the opportunity to get up and close with pandas. While offering luxurious amenities the resort strives to enhance the guest experience by showing respect to nature.

            Things we love about the Six Senses Resort:

            • Six Senses Spa ~ locally inspired treatment. 
            • Tesla electric car is used for airport transfers. 
            • Purifies and mineralises their own drinking water with re-usable glass bottles.

            Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain

            The Brando ~ French Polynesia 

              The Brando resort is found on the private island of Tetiaroa the French Polynesia. The resort offers luxury in the middle of pristine nature while the design reflects the culture and lifestyle of Polynesia. Get back to nature with one of the many outdoor activities offered at the resort. See the resorts Ecostation in the works, including education, conservation and creative science in regard to the ecosystem.

              Things we love about the Brando Resort: 

              • Scuba lessons in the lagoon.
              • Whale watching with naturalist guide and professional scuba diver. 
              • Romantic evening on the beach ~ private dinner and Tahitian dance show.

              The Brando Resort

              North Island Resort ~ Seychelles

                Luxurious private island resort. With only 11 villas on the island there will be an abundance of untouched beaches, for you to find yourself soaking up the sun. The North Island resort allows guests to spend time with their environmental team or the ability to explore the island by yourself to understand and see first hand the work that has gone in to rehabilitating the natural environment.

                Things we love about the North Island Resort:

                • Private sunset cruises with the opportunity to see dolphins swimming.
                • Noah's Ark Conservation and island rehabilitation program. 
                • Guided walk ~ up Spa Hill to the best view of North Island. 

                North Island Resort

                The Bardessono Eco Resort and Spa ~ California

                  The Bardessono Eco Resort and Spa located in California in the heart of wine country. At the Bardessono there is always something to do with the guest experience always coming first. Multiple activities available at the resort and events in the town close by. The resort prides themselves on a mindful approach to the good life, by acting on environmental values.

                  Things we love about the Bardessono Eco-Resort: 

                  • Napa Valley bike tours.
                  • Minimising water waste ~ low water flow and drought tolerant plants.
                  • Underground Geothermal systems heats and cools guest rooms. 

                  The Bardessono

                  Bangkok Tree House ~ Thailand

                    Located on the banks of Chao Phraya River the 12-room resort is on the outskirts of Bangkok. The range of rooms over look the amazing Bangkok jungle. Built from reclaimed wood the resort strives to obtain a zero waste goal by eliminating all types of waste by following their 6 “R’s”. The Bangkok Tree House offers a unique dining experience at Reflect where the ingredients come straight from the farm to you enjoy and experience organic cuisine while overlooking the river.

                    Things we love about the Bangkok Tree House:

                    • Beautiful and sustainable bamboo structures. 
                    • Floating Markets ~ Bang Nam Peung Market for handcrafted gifts and food.
                    • Bangkok jungle bike ride ~ explore the lush vegetation and exotic flora and fauna. 

                      Bangkok Tree House

                      The Whitepod ~ Switzerland

                      18 luxurious domes located in the heart of the Alps. The domes adapt to their environment, changing colour to go with the season. Find yourself sitting in a white dome surrounded by beautiful white snow during winter. With the controlled used of energy and water the pods are striving to bring hospitality and environmental conservation together.

                      Things we love about the Whitepod:

                      • Amazing dogsledding tour along the frozen forest and snow covered field. 
                      • Paragliding with a certified pilot. 
                      • Biodiversity ~ raising guest awareness of the surrounding flora and fauna and limited lighting at night. 

                      The Whitepod

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