Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Rosie and the main lady behind La Luna Rose Jewellery. Since I started La Luna Rose 4 years ago I have been living between Bali, NZ (My original home!) and Melbourne. Mainly to escape Winter(s) but also because I have extremely itchy feet and can’t stop the travel itch! In my spare time I love to eat (Dur – who doesn’t?!) and also head off on any kind of adventure! When I’m in Australia I love packing our Van and heading down the coast to the beach and hike through the bush. When in Bali you will generally find me down in the Bukit or over on Nusa Lembongan island chilling with a Coconut in hand and book in the other! I’m currently obsessing over how I can get to Hawaii as quickly as possible and for as long as possible…and how I can start baking again! (We don’t have ovens in our kitchens in Bali – it kills the inner-home-maker in me!)

Rosie Shelton La Luna Rose Jewellery

Where in Bali do you spend the most time?

I spend most of my time in Canggu which is (used to be) a quiet and relaxed beachside settlement just north of Seminyak. Filled with cafes full of delicious vegetarian food, a couple of awesome yoga studios and great boutique shops, it’s the perfect place to call my island home. On the weekends you will find me down at the beautiful Bingin Beach or over on Nusa Lembongan island if I really need to switch off.

La Luna Rose Jewellery

What is your favourite part of Bali?

Ooooh that is such a tough question! For being such a small island, Bali has so many different places and types of experiences you can have. You could be sipping Coconuts beach front on one of the many islands (Gilli’s, Nusa Lembongan), white water rafting through the lush jungle canals of North Bali, visiting one of the many spiritual water temples scattered around the island, Chasing waterfalls or hiking up a Volcano for Sunrise. I have explored so much of the island already but it never gets old. There is always more to see and experience and the people here make up so much of that. To me, when someone asks me what my favourite thing about Bali is, my answer is always the People.

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Where can we find the best places for breakfast? 

Oooh again – SO TOUGH! In Canggu alone there is probably 30 places you could go to that would serve up an epic Breaky! Top 3 for me right now would have to be Shady Shack, Vida Café and Nalu Bowls for a delicious Smoothie Bowl. I often write about Bali Best eats over on the La Luna Rose Blog if you’re looking for more inspiration :)

Can you share your favourite beach spot with us?

If the tide is right (mid – high tide) then nothing beats an afternoon session at Thomas Beach down near Ulluwatu. It’s also relatively un-developed and lined with Palm Trees which makes it pretty dreamy! (Note: there is around 200 stairs to climb down to get there first!)

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Where is the best spot(s) to have cocktails and watch the sunset?

For me personally, I just love heading to my local beach and sitting on the bean bags for a sundowner. If I am down in the Bukit for the day, nothing beats the Sunset from Ulluwatu’s Single Fin or any of the Warungs underneath there – mind blowing.

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After cocktails we will need somewhere delicious for dinner, can you share your favourites?

Oh man, my mouth is watering just thinking of all the possibilities! I love Da Maria in Seminyak they serve some pretty epic Pizzas & salads, Shady Shack in Canngu for some straight up health in a bowl, and my all time favourite go to would have to be Sarong on Petitinget. Perfect for date night or night out with the ladies, their food is a really unique indian-fusion in a very luxe-casual setting.

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5 local tips for others travelling to Bali? 

  • Get a Scooter and simcard on arrival. This way you will have so much more freedom for your trip and not be confined to your hotel/resort/guest house and relying on taxi’s to get everywhere. You’ll thank me for it!
  • Try the local Warungs. They may look a little ‘funky’ at first with all the food sitting out in the open but I promise its some of the best food you’ll eat on the island and so cheap!
  • Be Patient. Bali is extremely busy and filled with cars and scooters that don’t necessarily fit on the island so things take time. I mean a long time…
  • Get out and explore different areas. Its so easy to stay put in your one area but there is so much to do and see on this island, and you’ll get a much better understanding of the island and the Balinese people and culture.
  • Stay hydrated to avoid any signs of Bali Belly!

Tell us a bit about La Luna Rose and why you started and how you found Bali to be the perfect place to run your business?

La Luna Rose was born out of a desire to inject more fun into beautiful jewellery. Long story short, back in 2011 I went on a Game Show, won a small amount of money and was looking for a special piece of jewellery to mark such an outrageous life experience. Everything on the market at the time was very serious and‘normal’looking, I wanted something unique, something fun that I would look at and remember that memory and how hilarious it was! I was also bored of my job at the time and looking for a new challenge so everything just rolled together nicely.

La Luna Rose Jewellery

I had recently been on a trip to Bali with some girlfriends and had seen the amazing Silversmiths work here, not to mention I loved the idea of living in a permament Summer paradise! I saved my arse off for the next 6 months, packed my bags, sold most of my life ‘assets’ and headed North to start La Luna Rose Jewellery. Bali has now become one of my homes and I absolutely love the feeling of flying in here. The warmth, the people, the food and the lifestyle are all very aligned with the La Luna Rose brand. We’ll be here for a while I think, I couldn’t think of any better place to launch and grow my brand!

La Luna Rose Jewellery

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August 22, 2017 — Jessica Williamson
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