Q&A with Christina Macpherson

Q&A with Christina Macpherson

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am loosely based in two countries - Australia (Byron Bay where I’ve lived for 7 years) and New Zealand (where my fiancé is from).

In my spare time I love to read (at least a novel every two weeks) and write (writing makes up about 40% of my work, with modelling and content production the other 60%). I go on a lot of hiking adventures and if it’s warm you’ll never find me far from the ocean.

Obsessions at the moment hmmm...I’ve recently been getting into jewellery and makeup. I’ve never really worn either and it’s been nice playing with styles and colours recently.

We heard you grew up in so many amazing places, tell us about where you grew up and what you loved about it?

I grew up in Samoa, Fiji, England and Australia. I guess at the time I didn’t realise it was an unusual thing, but looking back it definitely helped shape who I am today. There were tricky parts - friends came and went and trying to constantly fit in was at times really hard - but being surrounded and introduced to different cultures and people was something really incredible for a child to grow up with. 

Christina Macpherson Ete Swimwear Christina Macpherson Ete Swimwear

Where do you call home now?

Because of my time in so many places, I get itchy feet a lot. My brothers and parents are always on the move too, so there’s no real ‘home base’, and because I am constantly on the road I guess ‘home’ is more of a person than a place!

You travel a lot, where are some of your must-see places? Favourite places so far?

I’ve just finished working with Cotton On in Far North Queensland and I’d encourage everyone to explore that place - it truly took my breath away.

I also love Florence in Italy, and the craziness of Japan. Santorini will also always be special as it’s where Tom (my fiancé) asked me to marry him.

Christina Macpherson Ete Swimwear

Dream destinations?

Oh so many places - everywhere! Off the top of my head, I’d love to explore more of Europe, and travel through South America. I’d also love to explore more of our own backyard - I’ve never been to Western Australia and many friends say it’s beyond beautiful there.

You travel a lot with your (boyfriend/fiancé??) how did you and Tom meet?

We met in Byron over three years ago. He was working in Brisbane at the time and had three more weeks left in Australia. After we met, he quit his job to stay in Byron with me; and a few weeks later I quit Byron life to go to New Zealand with him. A few very spontaneous decisions, but definitely the right ones.

Christina Macpherson Ete Swimwear

What goes into creating the beautiful photos we see on your Instagram?

For me, I try to be as genuine and authentic as possible. The photographs are always professionally taken and I try to present the brand/client/location in the best way possible. But nothing overdone, and nothing fake. My write up in the captions are also important to me, and if I’m feeling strongly about something I express it, or if I’m feeling cheeky and silly I’ll express that too.

Top tips for creating amazing content? 

  1. Don’t try to be somebody else or copy.
  2. Don’t be fake - everyone can spot it and you’ll only start comparing yourself which can be damaging.
  3. Be careful not to over-edit. Imperfections are beautiful (and normal!).
  4. Don’t take this Instagram business too seriously. It isn’t real life, and it’ll all fade away soon enough.

Christina Macpherson Ete Swimwear

Top travel tips

  1. Learn at least a few phrases of whatever country you’re going to - locals appreciate others who are at least trying to speak the lingo. (google translate is amazing)
  2. Take a drink bottle, a sweater, and some cash (but not too much) everywhere.
  3. Say no to plastic bags everywhere.
  4. Be mindful of others. Basically be kind, be weary, and don’t be a dick (haha).
  5. If you’re backpacking - less is more. You really don’t need that many clothes.

One thing you can’t travel without?

Glasses, comfy shoes, toothbrush and Tom (not necessarily in that order ha ha).

Where are you heading next?

I’m heading to Nicaragua in two weeks to shoot with Soludos, and then meeting Tom to explore Central America and shoot some content there.

Whats something most people don’t know about you?

I’m blind as a bat but always forget to wear my glasses. Really, really blind haha. I’m also older than many may think… ;-)

Christina Macpherson Ete Swimwear See more from Christina on her instagram @christinamacpherson and blog christina-macpherson.com.au

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Q&A with Cali Babe Melody @_gypseaa

Q&A with Cali Babe Melody @_gypseaa

Tell us a bit about yourself. 

My name is Melody Wright (aka @_gypseaa), I'm 20 years old and I live in Oceanside California, a little beach town tucked towards the end of Southern California. I've lived in Oceanside my whole life, born and raised and have worked at my current side job, as a sunglass salesperson for the last 4 years. The last year or so I got really involved with my business on social  media as a model/content creator & the last few months its really blown up.

Tell us about how you got into modelling and photography.

I was always Interested in modelling and photography from a young age. I didn't get into modelling until about the age of 16 and it didn't become my job until I became the age of 19 and at the age of 20 things are growing and growing! In the last 6 months or so I realised the love I also had for not only being in front of the camera but also being behind it. I really enjoyed taking photos and capturing the beauty and nature around my through my perspective. 

melody wright @_gypseaa ete swimwear Melody wright @_gypseaa photography

You are building quite a following on your Instagram @_gypseaa, how did that start? 

In the last year, but especially the last 6 months I took my Instagramming-content-creator life very seriously. I began shooting every week, all year long, through winter and when the weather was nice and sunny I would shoot up to a few times a week. I still shoot on a weekly basis but lately I've been shooting every day except for weekends when I'm working as a sales person!I truly believe consistency is key, and I try to put my best foot forward for all of my jobs, whether paid or not. Also, working with so many companies leads to reposts of photos from all of those companies, as well as new content always coming out, so that lead to more exposure & the last few months I've worked on some pretty big jobs so my following has increased incredibly through those collaborations!

Any tips for budding Instagrammers?

My BIGGEST tips are, 




If you use those three things then you'll be on the road to a successful page! I also think its great to develop a theme for your page so you can attract a like minded following!

@_gypseaa melody wright melody wright @_gypseaa ete swimwear

You have taken an interest in photography as well as modelling, what inspires your photos? What do you love about taking photos?

Really anything tropical, colorful or full of life inspires me for photography! I love bright and colorful images of nature! I love capturing a photo with the image I had in mind and making it a reality, turning something from an idea into a real life things is the best feeling ever!

What are your top 5 photography tips?

1. Know lighting ~ once you understand how lighting affects an image you'll be set

2. Understand your equipment and how to use it!

3. Draw inspiration from all things and everywhere

4. Get creative!

5. Find your photography style, do what makes you want to keep creating!

How do you edit your photos?

I set the lighting accordingly on my camera before I shoot so that I don't have to edit my images too much, I don't have editing software (yet) so when I do edit, it's off o f my iPhone with the VSCO app and I use the C1 filter or the F2 filter and depending which one I decide to go with I'll turn it halfway down and turn the exposure dow a bit too!

@_gypseaa melody wright ete swimwear @_gypseaa melody wright ete swimwear

What camera do you use? 

I personally have a Canon 80D but a few months ago I had a Canon 7D but that one got stolen so I bought the 80D instead!

How do you spend your down time?

Im usually spending my  down time at the beach and playing with my dog while hanging out with my boyfriend. When were not at the beach we are usually hiking or doing something outside, and when were not outside were usually in our RV where we live! We are Vanlifers!

Guilty Pleasures?

I LOVE watching Netflix and being 100% lazy in bed all day, It happens whenever I get the chance to! That and eating spicy food!

Tell us some of your favourite destinations and what makes them special. 

Oceanside Ca USA - Hometown where I was born, raised and still live, don't think I could ever fully leave!

Laguna Beach - Closet beac to home that resembles Hawaii , bright blue ocean, perfect sand, and lava rock formations! 

Hawaii- Its HAWAII, need I say more? hahah Hawaii is tropical perfection, somewhere I dream of being all the time!

@_gypseaa melody wright ete swimwear @_gypseaa melody wright ete swimwear

What's something most people don't know about you?

I'm 5'3 ! Apparently in photos I look a lot taller than I really am, people are always surprised when they meet me in person ! haha

Something you are passionate about at the moment.

I am extremely passionate about, good friends and support systems, goals and chasing them, photography, blogging, and living my life to the happiest potential!

Do you have any tips for girls aspiring to make their dreams come true?

I encourage you girls to set goals, create dreams, write them down, look at them every day, work for what you want and I promise you, you can make anything happen.

All photos by Melody Wright and she wears our Azura set which you can get here.

See More from Melly on her instagram @_gypseaa and blog tanlinesbikiniblog.com

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